Why Is the Biggest Trend About Cosmetic Box Packaging

Cosmetic Box Packaging

Every girl loves to apply makeup on their face to make them look even more pretty. Specially on different occasions, all the girls want to be in the spotlight of any particular event. That is why a girl never hesitates to spend lots and lots of money on cosmetic items like foundation, concealer, mascara, lipsticks, nail polish, blush, and highlighter. Some famous makeup brands are following:

  • MAC
  • Loreal
  • Maybelline
  • Huda Beauty
  • Kylie Cosmetics
  • Urban Decay
  • Covergirl
  • Avon

All the makeup items and skincare products are packaged in a best-fit box of various shapes and designs. These boxes are created according to the accurate size of the product, which means cosmetic box packaging is of the exact size, neither large nor small.

So here you will know about Why Is the Biggest Trend About Cosmetic Box Packaging?

1.  Tiny illustrated patterns that reveal what’s inside

When it comes to design your cosmetic box, all the brands have a wide range of options. They can choose either simple designs or can go with complex designing patterns. Whatever artwork the brand designs, it should be something new, not the copy of other brands, and it should build strong relations between you and the public. These days, the best idea is to print something that gives an idea of what’s inside the box. Like if the packaging is of any lipstick, print any design that hints that it is a lipstick box.

For instance, you can print tinny lipsticks on the box packaging. As life these days has become a rush. People performing any activity are in great hustle bustle to complete that specific task and move to other. That is why brands should also make products that are less time-consuming for the public. And indeed, this trick will save the time of both parties, one who is selling you any makeup product and one who is intended to buy cosmetic items.

  • Minimal design dominates: Simple and minimal designs have more power to put an excellent first and long-lasting impression. And everyone knows that a first excellent impression can do many good things for any business organization as there is a famous saying “The first impression is the last.”
  • Brands can print floral designs on cosmetic packaging boxes or can-do stem embossing as well. But companies can also print aesthetic complicated designs or diagrams of any fiction or cartoons, but it should impress young girls to increase sales. After designing the boxes, these packaging are laminated by either matter coating or by glossy coating. This lamination adds a luxurious finishing to your product.

2.  The authentically vintage unboxing experience:

Vintage packaging is yet a good trend that the cosmetic industry should follow. Before making a new packaging, just keep in mind your old packaging and then make a new one that is far better than the older version of custom cosmetic packaging. Besides, this world is advancing these days, and people share every part of their lives on social media platforms. If you want your brand to become successful, then give people a pleasant unboxing experience to show it on their public accounts. Other people who watch their stories desire to grab your goods, and ultimately the sales of your makeup product can boost.

3.  Product names front and center

Indeed, of making a logo and printing them on boxes now, brands prefer to publish their own name at the front and center of the cosmetic box to make it the center of attraction for their brand. The name is printed in a very decent yet elegant and classy way that looks very appealing to human eyes. The name written on these boxes creates awareness about your products in public, and hence you can earn popularity among the audience resultantly your profit rate will increase in less or no time.

4. Solid all-over color:

Choosing a color for your custom cosmetic boxes is yet another struggle for any brand. When selecting a color for makeup boxes, then always opt for those combinations that girls like means go for some girlish colors. Light color patterns look very adorable and fashionable over the Cosmetic Box Packaging like pink color, light green. Similarly, dark, bold, and hue colors can also increase the overall beauty of packaging like dark blue, red, yellow, etc.

Another beautiful trick to make your boxes trendy and modern is choosing one color related to your product and making the box of that color. If a lipstick shade is red, then make a box of red color with black color labeling, and if pink, you can go for white color labeling. It is a clever idea to styling your parcels. Or you can use a black box with white color printing.

5.  Box designs that can make cosmetic products look unique

For styling your cosmetic box, any brand needs to be creative.

  • Display boxes for small items: Girls like to buy things that are easily accessible. That is why all the brands make display boxes in which they can place many lipsticks, foundations, creams at a time. Girls can choose any one of them quickly.
  • Drawer style boxes for perfumes: These boxes have a sliding tray in which one can place perfume. Perfumes are mostly used to give a gift, so their packaging needs to be of top-notch quality. That is why drawer-style boxes are trending for colognes.
  • Shoulder boxes for beauty items: Shoulder printed boxes for cosmetics are used by all the brands to make it easy for the customers to carry the product to their house without any breakage and spoilage.

6.  More sustainable options

Make your cosmetic packaging boxes eco-friendly that have less or no bad impact on human bodies and nature as the customers are aware of packaging that is not suitable in terms of human health. So, the safer boxes your brand will create, the more public will like your products for sure.


Innovation in every field is necessary to keep your brand in market competition. Otherwise, the revivals of the market can win over your brand, and sales of your brand can badly decrease. So, the cosmetic packaging needs to be updated with time according to recent trends of the market to attract more girls to shop from your company.

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