Why Invest In Digital Gold?

    online gold rate

    Gold is a valued part of Indian culture. It brings auspiciousness and good luck, and is regularly invested in to strengthen close human bonds, like between parents and children. Gold is commonly purchased throughout the year on auspicious occasions such as weddings or other ceremonies, but will also be purchased by investors for its growth potential. Our Digital Gold membership model provides the gold investor with the same rights and benefits as physical investors: an easy way to invest in gold on a monthly basis with zero paperwork.

    What is Digital Gold?

    Digital Gold is a recent option introduced in India, whereby one can invest in and accumulate pure 24K physical gold via the online route in any denomination including fractional quantities. Thus, even with a minuscule monetary investment of Re. 1, one can buy a certain quantity of the precious metal. The accumulated gold thus has the potential to expose an investor to online gold rates without having to keep physical gold in vaults or invest in bullion bars or coins.

    online gold rate

    Features of Digital Gold

    Backed by real assets with high liquidity

    Goldwealth creates value in the traditional way ? by creating a real asset that can be stored and liquidated easily. The online acquisition of each gram of gold is backed by an equal measure of physical gold, which can be liquidated at any point of time by selling online at the prevailing market rate of gold. Thus, one can obtain instant funds, credited to one?s bank account by selling one?s gold holdings.

    Purity guaranteed

    Purity Guarantee is an unique feature that assures the purity of the gold purchased. In normal practice, dealers can buy gold from any source and sell it to consumers as 24K gold. Here, we ensure that their dealer purchases only 24K gold bars from authorized sources.

    Stringent quality checks

    Our 24k gold bars are meticulously tested for their purity and quality. It is further verified by many verifications including the stamp of the assay office, test report, physical description, serial number and weight.

    Secure storage

    As a secured commercial facility, the company provides fully bonded storage for the investor in its vaults. This enables investors to keep their gold investments out of banking institutions and away from banks’ liquidity policies ? which can fluctuate on account of currency exchange rate changes, monetary policy changes in third world countries, bank regulations/restrictions imposed by concerned regulatory authorities, government measures and other macroeconomic factors.

    Small investment size

    With the online gold rate constantly on the rise, it is time to make a move. The online gold rate will always be going up, but you do not need to wait until you have built a lump sum before investing. Digital gold provides investors with an affordable entry point to purchase precious metals. Whether you are trying to diversify your portfolio or looking for an inflation hedge, digital gold will be part of the answer.


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