Why Hire Dedicated Software Developers for Your Projects?

Hiring dedicated development teams is one of the most popular strategies companies rely on to boost business growth these days. It allows them to work with a talented team of experts from around the world to deliver quality work fast and at a reasonable cost.

Like every other industry, the tech sector is coming to terms with the new normal as well. The COVID-19 chaos negatively affected the growth of many businesses. Some succumbed to backbreaking financial losses. Then there were those who had to completely shut down their business.

The pandemic is still lurking around and there is uncertainty in the global economic realm. Remote work has become a routine and many businesses are even outsourcing various aspects of daily operations to individuals and teams around the globe. According to research, the IT industry was the biggest beneficiary of outsourcing, and global IT outsourcing is expected to rake in over $98 billion from 2020 to 2025 at a CAGR of 5%.

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What does a Dedicated Development Team do?

Imagine a scenario where you have a team of talented & experienced developers. Each with a specific set of skills, defined by you. Each performing a specific business operation & each of them devoted solely to you and your company needs. On top of that, someone has already taken care of all your specialized software needs, office equipment for the entire team. As well as special perks & bonuses.

Sounds like a dream? Well, thankfully for you, this world already exists and you get to enjoy all these benefits when you hire dedicated software development team. So what is a dedicated development team? It is a team of skilled developers hand-picked to deliver the desired tasks, fully dedicated to your projects, working remotely but as part of the system, and communicating daily the office building.

The decision to hire a dedicated development team will not only allow you to get projects delivered faster but also save software development costs. An outsourced development team eliminates the need for pouring big bucks into legal & taxation matters, extra office space, equipment, consumables, and other HR-related expenses.

On the contrary, you receive a brand new or an extension of your in-house development team that offers flexibility in project management, diversification of in-house technical expertise, and the ability to deal with increasing operational demands.

Benefits of Hiring Dedicated Development Teams

Depending on the nature and scale of work, companies can hire dedicated developers to fulfill their project�s needs. One of the biggest benefits of remote outsourcing is that one does not have to give up on skill just because of demographic constraints. Allowing businesses to take advantage of the vast pool of talent, irrespective of the location. Let�s take a look at some other benefits of outsourcing off-shore dedicated developers.

It is Cost-Effective

This outsourcing model will help you save investments in:

  • Extra office space
  • New resource hiring
  • Training of new employees
  • Legal expenses

Such costs are part of the package in a traditional hiring method but thankfully remote outsourcing of dedicated development teams eliminates these costs to a large extent.

The budget-friendly nature of this outsourcing model is also quite beneficial when a need to change cities or the country arises. There is no need to look for new employees. Since the dedicated developers are working remotely, their services can be used from anywhere in the world. Saving huge costs on hiring new talent and setting up a new space for them.

It Increases Productivity

Swift delivery of high-quality products/services is an essential part of the software development industry. Maximizing productivity and maintaining it can help you stand out from the crowd and boost elevate business growth. Hiring dedicated software development teams can help you achieve that perfect balance.

These dedicated teams are aware of the industry�s needs and can easily adjust to any company�s workflow requirements. They do not require extra training because they have worked on similar projects before. This not only saves the cost of training but also translates into a more efficient & quicker delivery of projects. A key benefit that is hard to achieve via traditional hiring methods.

The increasing demand for dedicated teams makes sense when we consider the above-mentioned benefits. With once-in-a-lifetime experiences like the COVID-19 pandemic, such hiring models will become even more relevant going into the future.

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