8 Reasons Why English is important for Students

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English is undeniably a language of great importance as it is a universal language. It forms the bridge across borders and we can understand people of other race, religion and ethnicities beyond our country, thanks to this language. This is one of the major reasons why English language is one of the main subjects in schools in many countries as students need to master the language in order to be effective communicators.

So, let’s closer take a look in detail as to why English language is essential for students!


English is the official language of 53 countries in the world which is the most compared to any other language. Thus, it is considered an international language by many. It is also one of the most commonly spoken languages in the world. Only being able to speak mother tongue greatly reduces the number of people they can interact with when they are overseas. More and more countries are starting to accept English as an international language which will only make learning English more advantageous.


There will inevitably be a greater number of career options if they know how to speak English. Many jobs have a requirement to be able to speak English and some jobs which may not have this necessity still prefer English speakers.

Moreover, speaking English will help to connect with a wider variety of people which also means that there will be more opportunities. This is especially true for any global organisation as English will be used as a standard language.


Many scientific research papers and articles are written in English. When a student wants to know more about a topic it will be much easier to find a paper or an article about it in English as compared to in their mother tongue language. Thus, learning English will also help a lot in increasing the student?s ability to understand other subjects and topics. English is considered the language of the sciences as pharmacists, engineers and doctors around the world must learn English along with the other subjects in their university.


It is also considered the language of the internet. Many popular websites and social media platforms have multilingual versions. However, English is still a predominant language used in many websites and even websites in other languages may have translations to English. Simply put, learning English will give access to a much wider variety of the internet in general.


It is even considered the language of entertainment. Entertainment refers to movies, television series, books, etc. However, this is considered slightly controversial as there are still a lot of these entertainment in many languages. Regardless, Hollywood is one of the biggest producers of blockbuster movies and this will be true for a very long time. Successful movies in other languages also have a high chance of having an English dubbing. This is also true for television series and books.


It is a flexible and continuously changing language. Due to the vast number of people speaking the language, it has continued to change to make it easier to speak. For example, in Singapore, a significant number of the population use a variation of English known as Singlish which mixes English, Chinese and Malay to form somewhat of a hybrid language. This makes it much easier for people to pick up. Similar phenomena can happen at a slightly smaller scale in many other countries to make the language easier to learn.


English not only opens the door to more career options, but it also makes a lot more universities accessible. Many high-ranking universities use English as their primary language.

Students may have the ability and skill to be able to enter these high-ranking universities and it will be a shame if they are unable to just because they are unable to speak English. Learning English will thus help to increase chances in getting into these types of universities which can improve their quality of education.


Learning a new language is always beneficial. It exposes people to the culture of people in a significant portion of the globe. Studying a language will help people learn about the people and their traditions. This is in fact true for all languages, not only English. Limiting their knowledge to only their own culture and traditions is a lost opportunity as it is important to learn about how others have been living their lives. It will make people more sensitive and understandable of others!


Various reasons can be attributed to the importance of English language and this is predominantly the reason why private English tuition and Online English tuition is gaining importance over the past decade. Students are able to shine beyond their expectations with the guidance of experienced English tutors and it pays off at the end of it all, no matter how hard the journey is!

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