Why Do You Need A Mobile App For Your Real Estate Business?

    mobile app development

    With age and time, technology is evolving the way we do our day-to-day tasks. With an increasing number of mobile users, more entrepreneurs are shifting their focus to mobile application development.

    Like any other industry, the Real estate industry exhibits a substantial potential for mobile app development. From relators to users, the advantages of real estate mobile apps are reaped by everyone.? Do you know? More than one-fifth of people use real estate mobile apps to buy, sell, and rent properties. It is one of the main reasons that real estate mobile app development has increased by 120%.

    mobile app development

    But can you develop a mobile app from anywhere? Of course not! To gain optimum results, you need to partner with a top-notch mobile app development company in San Jose.

    What exactly you need to keep in mind while building real estate apps? Read the blog for an in-depth explanation and grow your business at scale.

    Benefits of Real Estate Mobile App Development

    There are many benefits of building real estate mobile applications. Here are a few of them:

    Promotes Remote Working

    With an app, you can work anytime and from anywhere. Internet connection is the only thing you need. Using an app, agents can directly upload new listings, send marketing materials, contact interested buyers, and much more.

    By hiring an experienced real estate software development company, you can build a feature-rich app that can have multiple benefits for your business.

    Advanced Technologies Makes it Easier

    You can incorporate many advanced technologies in your app to make it more profitable. For instance, augmented reality in real estate mobile apps has proven beneficial in many ways. Using AR, you can make your potential buyers visit the property in 3D that saves time and effort for traveling there.

    It provides completely new marketing opportunities by delivering a unique and immersive experience to buyers that increases the chances of a sale. Besides AR, many other technologies can be used like GPS services, big data analytics, and artificial intelligence. You can integrate the best technologies as per your business requirements.

    Improves your Client?s Experiences

    For most people, buying a home can be one of the most significant purchases of their lives. The common issue faced by them was the lack of time to visit every house. The real estate app does not only resolve this issue but also offers a multitude of features that makes the house hunting journey more swift and calm.

    Using the features of a real estate mobile app, your buyers can view up-to-date information about each property, generate reminders for upcoming listings, filter properties based on budget & other preferences, and much more. Mobile apps are faster and deliver user-friendly experiences to your customers.

    Amplify Your Marketing Efforts

    Apps can gather and analyze consumer data. It allows you to deliver a personalized experience to every buyer. For real estate agents, details about every client are crucial to seal the deal. Demographic data helps to understand client behavior in real-time so you can display properties that match their interests and requirements.

    Leveraging analytic tools in your app, you can scrutinize and analyze search-related data. It allows you to provide support during the property selling/ buying journey. Relators can meet user?s preferences and continue to communicate with them through emails or calls. 

    Organize your Team Efficiently

    82% of all transactions are due to referral or repeat businesses. The app streamlines all business operations. Besides, it promotes effective communication between team members, and that?s what drives business towards success. With the help of a real estate mobile app, you can effectively manage the interaction between all real estate agents. Moreover, you can keep in touch even if there is a poor network connection.

    Top Examples of Real Estate Mobile Apps

    Don?t have to build your own app? Let?s customize top go-to real estate software that are available in the market.


    BidHom is a best-in-class solution that promotes your brand digitally, and tracks lead effortlessly. Being a go-to tool, all you need to register on the website and get started. Along with customized website designs, you can get a fully optimized and mobile responsive platform that works seamlessly on every screen resolution. Moreover, it transforms your business into an exclusive auction platform. You can follow the most flexible approach and convenient way to list properties and manage auctions.


    Trulia offers individuals the opportunity to explore locality on a full-featured map. Using the platform, you can redefine the real estate experience of your clients. One of the best features of the app is in-built GPS that allows your users to identify which houses are on sale and which are on rent in the targeted location.

    With advanced search functionality, the users can also set specific parameters to locate the right properties that align with their requirements.


    Redfin is one of the well-designed real estate search engines that take care of every aspect of real estate, like buying, selling, and renting. With advance search features, your users can filter properties and set reminders for upcoming properties so that they can purchase as soon as it is available. Using Redfin, your clients can have in-depth knowledge about each property including, real estate specifications, local pricing, schools, photos, and more. All the listings are updated every 15-20 mins, giving real-time information to its users.

    Final Verdict

    Real estate mobile app development is becoming a necessity to survive in the highly competitive world. With the support of skilled real estate developers, you can integrate top-notch technologies into your app and enjoy incredible benefits.

    Many reliable real estate app development companies also offer an app cost calculator tool that allows you to calculate the estimates of your app idea within minutes. No matter which stage you are at, you can consult an app development company for all your mobile app development requirements. Good luck!


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