Why Do Students Need Credit Cards?

student credit card

Going to college is a major life decision and a credit card is also being applied for. Did you plan to acquire a college credit card? You may start improving your credit by using your student card at gas stations, restaurants and more. Real 1st Financial Bank review provided first-hand perspective by student card users. 10 reasons why university students should have credit cards. 


You may not always have the money needed to buy your daily things as a college student. A credit card may provide a sense of comfort if you need to purchase something, but are between the paychecks. From grocery, petrol or school supplies, your card can be used. 

Learn Budgeting�

One of the most important reasons for student credit cards is to start learning excellent credit practises. Credit cards can help students obtain the first time away from home to learn how to manage their money and a monthly budget. A credit card is nonetheless available 

Credit cards in UAE generally start with minimal credit limits that may be managed initially. The capacity to learn how to use the card and make payments at a modest scale is therefore credited to university students.�

This can prevent unneeded things from being overpowered or splashed. As you develop expertise and pay monthly payments on a regular basis, you can offer a greater credit limit. You’ll also not have to pay interest if you pay your amount in full each month. 


As some may know, it’s not always secure to carry big sums or even a debit card. The money may be lost or robbed, frequently with little prospect of recovery. Cash in your bank account is

usually better off. On the other hand, the carry of a credit card enables you to keep your money secure, safe and safe. 

You will not be held responsible for any purchases you made if your credit card is stolen. In any questionable behaviour, it is vital to continually watch your credit card statement. This may usually be done by accessing your account through your credit card issuer’s website or mobile app. Report it promptly if you discover any illegal activity on your credit card. If the card was lost or stolen and the account is compromised, you will receive a new credit card. 

Emergency Money�

Why should students at university have credit cards? An essential advantage of having a student credit card is that should an emergency come, you will have money ready. This might soothe parents who know that their child has access to cash in their time of need should something happen. Your credit card can save your life regardless of whether you need money for emergency health, auto repairs or a getaway. 

Establish Your History�

A credit card is a wonderful method to start improving your credit rating, as a student at college. The monthly payment and responsible use of your card are important methods to get started. Also, make sure that late payments are avoided. This demonstrates that creditors have confidence and accountability. 


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