Why Choose Engineered Wood Flooring for Your Property?

Confused by the countless varieties and finishes of the wood flooring? We have all of the answers you need, from what to choose and why. We have an infographic on why choose engineered wood flooring for your property?

Hardwood or softwood? Hardwoods, such as oak, walnut and teak, often have a more defined grain than softwoods like pine, beech and birch. But there are technical differences too, Hardwoods are deciduous, while softwoods are coniferous this means that they have a different cell structure. Timber from deciduous trees is more durable and stable, making it ideal for flooring.

Which species? Oak is by far the most common and versatile wood for flooring. Of the softwoods, harder species such as Douglas fir are preferable. Lesser-known varieties of hardwood, like tropical Morado, are also becoming more popular. When buying wood flooring, check that it has a certification. This will ensure that it has been sourced and manufactured responsibly.

New or reclaimed wood? For an authentic, aged, characterful grain that may be tricky to replicate in new timber, reclaimed wood is a good and environmentally harder than virgin wood as it often comes from old-growth trees. However, it can also be a more expensive option, because it may need to be re-sanded, finished or treated.

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