Why Avoid Free Push Notifications Platforms?

Before we hop into the whole awareness subject regarding why one should avoid using free platforms other than the authentic ones for sending push notifications to their clients. Let us first recall what push notifications basically are:

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  • Introduction
  • Free push notification service– how genuine are they?
  • Types of free push notifications service
  • Why to avoid forever free push notification service?
  • Why should you always choose a paid service?
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Push notifications is a marketing tool used by e-marketers to send updates and messages to the user, customer or subscribers about the latest change, offer or upgrade on their website, so that the users remain engaged and connected with the website. Push notifications have the capacity to reach out to people in any corner of the world, globalisation has made interconnection between people from different backgrounds easier. This marketing technique has been generating a tremendous response and has successfully helped many marketers reach their desired goals.

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Free push notifications platforms- how genuine are they?

Growing business without proper promotion techniques, and not investing in the advertisement industry you cannot expect to produce enough crowd and clients for your website or e-business. Transmitting push notifications has ever been a paid service, no service covers long distances for free. And if anyone guarantees a free genuine service that will reach your users unhindered and in real time then you must double-check. 

The messages that are sent to users, their IP address and personal information and your own private data are a delicate matter of subject and end to end encryption is a must for that course. You need to check under which license and authority does the free push notification service promise full encryption and no leaking of data do they even or no?

Most of the genuine and trusted push notifications services are paid, because many of them use infrastructure hosted on Google, even after providing affordable and cost-effective services to our customers, there are a lot of push notification services to pay to their hosts, engineers and the investment it requires.  Genuine Push notification services can be affordable but are far from being free.

There are many reasons  why we are insisting upon the use of paid services instead of free push notification services that offer similar service as paid without any investment but the question arises for how long will you be able to use a free service? Are they even authentic enough? Do they even provide you with a generous delivery report? CTR?

There are various types of free services available. Let us have a closer look and understand how their plans work and how they generate enough cost to deal with the expense behind sending messages, especially to longer distances.

Types of free push notification service

Since there are certain types of free push notifications service It is very important to understand the difference to know which of these is worth it .

Free trial push notification service

Many push notifications service providers offer free trials to their clients, we highly recommend you to go for free trials. You can take advantage of these trials and see the capacity of the service provider and how extensively they produce results for you.

Trial is essential, customers can try out the service and can analyse how push notifications work for their business. Trials periods often last from 15 to 30 days which is a good amount of time period to understand basic features and check ROI.

Free  push notification service with limit

Another type of free push notification service is where customers can enjoy free push notification service until they reach a specific limit, like a specific number of subscribers. Once the customer reaches the target they will be automatically converted to a paid plan. This is beneficial for those who are just starting up, not only it will help them gain more subscribers but will also boost their business. This type of free push notifications service is worth giving a try. This type of service is mostly offered by genuine push notifications service providers.

Forever free push notifications service

The title in itself smells fishy, how can a service possibly give a lifetime free notification service without any charge? Are you sure these services are not demanding something more valuable?

Signing up for free push notification service does not mean you will not barter anything, many free services like  offer free push notification service but once you sign up for free service them there is something more precious than the money- you are likely to barter customer data that gets registered on your website that they may share to third parties and can even add cookies to your user’s devices and browsers.

Why to avoid these forever free push notification services?

●    They do not have their own genuine data.

Push notification services need a backend team of engineers that work to achieve a goal by bringing up new updates and changes in the services a free push service needs to generate money to pay them, but it becomes easier for these services to cut the expenditure by stealing data from other genuine resources like EngageAsap and then claim it to be their own.

●    Free services does not guarantee

Once you sign up for free push services you should be aware that these services do not guarantee many things like:

1. Flagging of your website

Google has made a recent update in which they auto-subscribe to push services to see what type of content is being delivered to the customers. Once you sign up for a free service, you do not have control over what type of notifications your customers receive. So anytime a notification which is assumed as abusive by google can lead to flagging of your website. These services do not guarantee whether or not your site will ever get flagged because of them.

2. Proper delivery

One of the key factors is the delivery of the notification in real time and that every user receives the message. Once you subscribe to a free service you are not aware whether your messages are actually being delivered or not. If yes then are customers receiving them in real time or no.

3. No error or glitch service.

Free push notifications do not have proper license and data that is needed to send notifications to users. It is very much possible that these services might undergo some errors and then your customers stop getting engaged with your website because they will not further receive the information.

4. Encryption of data

It is very important to keep certain information encrypted whether it is yours or your user’s, free push services do not guarantee end to end encryption which is a potential risk to your confidential data.

●    GDPR

Recent regulations by European authorities have made it mandatory to ask the users before rooting cookies on their browsers. Many of the free push notifications regard themselves as GDPR different but When your client wants to opt out they face errors and are unable to get out of the list. At EngageAsap we make sure that you are compliant to all legal regulations. And your customers don’t feel cheated or burdened with your unwanted notifications.

It is very crucial for you to understand that it may appear pleasing to have a free push service instead of a paid service but there are more drawbacks than benefits.

EngageAsap not only offers a free trial service for you to get the idea about how our service works but also it requires a very minor investment from your part. Our Push notification services are affordable and easy.

Why should you always choose a paid service?

  • Paid services are secured
  • Reliable
  • Obliged by legal regulations
  • Maintain privacy
  • Protect confidential data
  • End to end encryption
  • No leaking of data to third parties
  • Original engineered content and data.
  • Efficient
  • Real time delivery
  • Overwhelming response for your website
  • Proper analysis of each and every notification through A/B testing.
  • Affordable and trustful.
  • Consent of the user matters.
  • No hoarding of notifications and no abusive messages sent to your subscribers.

Paid services protect you from being a notification pest and protect the authenticity of your website by sending apt and relevant information along with which you can track down the delivery of your messages and the results they are generating. EngageAsap is an affordable push notification service that helps you to get more subscribers to your website and increase your conversion rate under a secured environment.

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