Which MBA Gives the Highest Salary?

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The Master of Business Administration, or MBA, is one of the most sought-after master’s degree programs by students across the globe since it can lead to excellent salary opportunities. Following an MBA, students can make a solid living. Every year, several applicants take the Common Admission Test (CAT). This could be a result of the MBA’s adaptability and range of specialties. For MBA admission 2024, students can seek specializations in Finance, marketing, general management, human resources, entrepreneurship, and other fields.

Thus, if you’re having trouble deciding which MBA job has the best salary, consider the typical post-MBA pay for a variety of specializations.

MBA Admission 2024 is available in a range of specializations with lucrative pay packages. Let’s examine the best MBA jobs in India that pay according to different specializations.

MBA Admission 202: Top Paying Jobs after MBA in India

The highest-paying positions following an MBA are listed below:

Job ProfileHighest Salary
Investment BankerINR 40.4 LPA
Project ManagerINR 26 LPA
ConsultantINR 22 LPA
Marketing ManagerINR 23 LPA
Business Development ManagerINR 15 LPA
Financial AnalystINR 10.3 LPA
HR ManagerINR 18 LPA
Business AnalystINR 15 LPA
Operation ManagerINR 18.6 LPA
Data AnalystINR 11.6 LPA
Sales ManagerINR 14 LPA
Advertising ManagerINR 19.8 LPA
Digital Marketing ManagerINR 19.3 LPA
Brand Management ExecutiveINR 10.2 LPA
eCommerce SpecialistINR 10 LPA

Top-Paying MBA Specializations

There are numerous MBA specialties, each with a distinct emphasis and area of expertise. The three most sought-after MBA specializations are human resources, marketing, and finance. There are, nevertheless, a plethora of additional specialist MBA programs accessible, such as those that concentrate on project management, international business, or information technology.

MBA admission 2024 in finance and consulting are often the most popular ones. Following their MBA, individuals with these skills frequently secure lucrative jobs at prestigious companies and command significant salaries.

Salary following an MBA in Marketing

The average pay for an MBA in marketing is INR 5.4 LPA. The typical starting salary package for an MBA varies from INR 14.25 to 20.43 LPA depending on your level of experience. Given your qualifications and number of years of work, your salary could rise to INR 30 to 45 LPA.

Salary following an MBA in Banking and Finance

A top-tier B-school MBA in finance normally earns INR 83K to 125K a month, with an initial pay of INR 10 to 15 LPA after banking and finance. The maximum pay for an MBA in finance is INR 50 LPA.

Salary following an MBA in Business and Data Analytics

An MBA College student in India may earn between INR 3 and 8 LPA in the first bracket for data analytics. Top data analytics executives can make up to INR 55 LPA in salary.

Salary after an MBA in Operations Management

An individual fresh out of college with an MBA in operation management could make anywhere between INR 4 to 10 LPA. Later on, it could rise to INR 40 LPA.

Salary after an MBA in HR Management

Starting salaries for those with an MBA in HR Management range from INR 4 to 7.1 LPA.

Salary after an MBA in Entrepreneurship

An MBA in Entrepreneurship often pays INR 10 LPA. You can make up to INR 20–30 LPA and have higher development potential if you have an MBA in entrepreneurship. On the other hand, if you decide to launch your own company, you may not make much money at first, but you will eventually be able to make a good living.

In Summary

MBA admission 2024 can help you advance your career more quickly and is a very flexible employment option. An MBA can lead to a respectable salary. It is a lucrative career option following a bachelor’s degree because it is a desirable qualification among MNCs and corporate organizations.

After earning an MBA, companies are eager to pay you a high income, especially if you attend a tier-1 business school like IIMs. It is well known that Tier-1 B-schools only admit the highest CAT scorers and charge exorbitant tuition. However, any reputable B-school can help you land a high-paying MBA job if you concentrate on honing your leadership and management abilities.

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