When to Replace Your Mattress

Your bed should be one of the most comfortable places in your home. A good bed means good sleep, which in turn means a healthier life. Sleep is essential and extremely important in order for the body to function. Bad sleep can result in a number of issues both physical and mental.

However, sleep depends on how good your mattress is. Although we do use mattresses for a long time there always comes a time when it needs to be changed. Therefore, if you aren’t sure of when that time is, here are ways to know just when you should be replacing your mattress. 

Sore muscles and pains

Have you ever woken up with a stiff neck or sore joints? It may the way you sleep but it also can be due to worn off mattress. Older mattresses that are made up of cotton can result in it hardening over time. This forms lumps that are uncomfortable to lie on. Without the proper support your body sinks especially the spine and neck this is what causes spine aches and neck sprains. It is important to invest in a new mattress and getting a mattress protector will help it last longer. 

Your allergies are back

Waking up with a runny or stuffy nose, sore throat or even in extreme cases a difficulty breathing it could be due to a worn-out mattress. Although you may not realize it your mattress is a huge dust collector. 

Launching in to bed with clothes you’ve in the entire day, eating in bed and the usual dust find their way on to your bed. A mattress requires constant dusting, airing and vacuuming so if you think your allergies are probably due to your old mattress, a new one is highly required. 

You hear creaks

You probably can sometimes here your bed creaking when you turn or apply pressure to some areas of your bed. A mattress should be thinking enough to absorb any weight or pressure without it affecting the frame of the bed, so if you hear random creaks it is a sign your mattress is starting to wear out. 

Uncomfortable sleep

Tossing and turning is quite common when we sleep but then there is tossing and turning due to be uncomfortable. An unlevelled mattress does not provide the support to the body. Just like our bodies are able to do many things it can sense the changes in the support while sleeping too, resulting in you tossing and turning to find a comfortable sleeping position. 

It has maxed out its usual use

A mattress can last up to 6 to 8 years, we do tend to use it much after this period but the wear and tear becomes obvious over time. Tears, sags and lumps form on the mattress indicating it has come to end of its life span. 

Just like any major investment your mattress is a decade long investment too, therefore make sure you invest in the right one. 

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