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    This is the xfurbish initiative and us the faculty initiative is a servers that supports the integration of technology  into education and we do this to a  variety of means such you’re currently watching  we hope that you’ve had a good time with  us even as we explore various topics in  technology for education and so today we  are covering something a bit new  uh we realized that we’ve been covering  a lot of online material how to get  content for learners and also how as a  teacher you can be able to find the  resources to improve your skills for online work.

    Dissemination of information to students through online means  but we also realized that there is something that ties these two quests  together  and these two quests are tied together  by hardware  i have oranges all day from mainframe  computers which are run by institutions  to handhelds such as tablets and mobile  phones but today we’ll be looking at  something that straddles the middle  grounds and so they’ll be looking at  personal computers i will be looking at  how to select a pc  and to do that there are various factors  that one needs to consider  so that’s what we’ll be looking at today  and we hope that by the time we’ll be  done in this video you’ll have learned  quite a bit and you’ll be  encouraged to choose a pc for yourself  with ease so  what do you look at in the computer  first thing to consider is what is it  going to be used for  someone who just wants to take documents  doesn’t need a very powerful machine  but if you’re looking to do complex applications.

    Data analysis so? you may want to edit uh? videos and uh and sound we’re going to? return that’s a lot more powerful than? a computer you for typing documents and? sending emails so what you’re going to? use for the machine for is a very? important factor? secondly you need to think about things? like portability you may? want to use your machine in the office? and then again uh use it at home perhaps? to? watch movies or maybe someone who would? want to to access the internet? so something that you can be able to at? least move around because we have the? kind of job that? makes you move around a lot so to do? that with ease you would want something? that’s portable and? that’s probably going to be a laptop we? will talk about? a situation where perhaps you’ve got? limited budget to set up a computer lab? or buy computers you may want to start? with something basic and then? over time as far more funds become? available you begin to support? components to increase the computer’s? capacity to do whatever work you have in? mind? so when you are talking about? flexibility to the ability to upgrade? the machine? with ease that also affects the kind of computer that you buy so you may end up? buying a desktop because desktop? computers are very easy to upgrade as? opposed to laptops where swapping out? some components? is very difficult for example you? can support ram in a laptop as well as? in a desktop.

    swapping processors optical drives  graphic cards can be  slightly more challenging when you talk  about laptops so as far as flexibility  is concerned  it may be a good idea to go with the  desktop so  let’s look at the characteristics of a  personal computer that will evaluate  when you’re choosing a machine  first thing you need to look at is  something called the processor so for  those who may not be very familiar with  what a processor is  the processor is the part of the  computer that actually does the  operations that enable the data to be  crunched  so to speak processors come from  different manufacturers  and they come in different models so I?ll briefly go into one of the more  popular companies which is intel  so intel has different types of  processors they’ve got core i3  core i5 and core i7 in increasing  complexity, I?m actually the quality processor we  run problems with ease you can do  you can even type up documents and  emails and do some  basic work on it but once you start  talking about  editing videos doing multimedia  applications doing statistics and data  then if you want a machine that can do  that efficiently and with this you’re  going to have to look at a processor  like a core i5 or a core i7  what these numbers refer to is basically  the way the chip is built  and the number of processors that are  integrated into a chipset  it’s actually something that is fairly  easy to understand and will attach a  guide to this in the description section for  this video so apart from that we also  have two types of memory to evaluate as  well  we’ve got a random access memory also  known as ram before to use an analogy of  the human brain  ram is the ability to process  information quickly  in a sense someone asks you a question  or what is five by two you tell them ten  even before they’ve been done  with the number two ram comes in  different sizes these are 4 gb 8gb 16 gb 32gb that’s the range for pcs  but once you get to 64 gb or to dgb  you’re working into  more complex machines you’re going to  servers if you have a very fast  processor like a core i7  but your ram is limited to something  like 4gb your machine’s ability to process  information will also be limited so it’s  important that um  you’re going to have a fast processor  just so important that you get  enough ram to let you take advantage of  the first processing capacity that  that chip offers so if you look at the  core i3 you can get  with 4gb 8gb with ease but you’re going  to call i5  core i7 you probably would want to think  about starting the minimum 8gb  the other type of storage to consider is  the hard disk  so they had this working by monology  where the processor is able to think  about  very complex issues.

    They’re around  you think about issues quickly  they disk the ability to store large  amounts of information  and also for a long time it’s long-term  storage as well  so the different types of hard disks  we’ve got such a hard disks  and also newer versions called solid  state drives ssds so  this ssds do not have moving components  unlike the  sata drives and what happens is that  with an ssd you will find that uh  accessing information is quick  but the flip side to that is that  they’re quite expensive and don’t have  very large storage so  you may want to buy a certain drive  especially depending on the kind of  project that you want to run  if you’re assembling a machine that  don’t have very complex dust you don’t  need an ssd  but you need something that does a lot  of work a high-end machine  then actually drive is probably  something you may want to consider  right so that’s about her specifications  how the specifications  so one of the things one other factor  for a personal computer to evaluate is  the  operating system you have in mind  typically speaking  most applications that the school would  use uh run on the windows operating  system are from microsoft and the latest  is windows 10  so we may be able to find machines that  have the previous version of the os  either windows 8 or windows 7  but support for windows 7 has also  stopped so it may be a deal to get a  machine that has a new operating system  something like windows 10  if you perhaps may not have the ability  to buy the operating system or you’d  want to  use uh something different you’ve got  linux  so linux is what you call open source  software is an operating system  whose components are available for  evaluation and for change by a public  whereas software such as windows is  actually proprietary which means it  won’t be a company and cannot be  available to you for you to make changes  that you think can be of help to you  generally speaking if you are educator  you’re going to find machines that have  windows or linux because  they also have the oldest variety of  software written for them  finally we also need to think about  peripheral devices  peripherals you first to input output  devices  these devices that allow you to input  data and also allow you to get output  uh whatever has been processed from the  from the pc so peripherals should be  looking at something like a monitor  something like a keyboard  also looking at something like optical  drives your dvd rom  and also your printer if you’re in a  place where you  need to get information off of dvds or  even right uh cds  then it may be useful to get so for  example a laptop that actually has a dvd  rom  one other thing to think about when  you’re buying your pc is also the issue  of cost because it’s an important  consideration because you may find that  you may not necessarily be able to  to get a top-of-the-range machine so  this method might influence your choice  to either go for a brand new machine  or go for a refurb and refurbs are very  available in kenya you can actually find  them in different shops  most of the places you see people  talking about xuk these are typically  refurbished machines and they may come  with a shorter warranty period than the  machine that you that that should buy  brand new  but they’re also Good it can  allow you to even buy a machine with  aspects for a lower price  so it’s a trader if you want to think  about and take that into account even as you seek to buy machines for your either  for you for yourself or for your facility  finally you may want to also find out  what kind of after-sales services  offered by seller  you may want to work ideally with  someone who will give you a warranty for  the machine  and will be able to change path out for  you if there’s an issue  yeah as opposed to someone who just sell  you the machine and tell you’re on your own.

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