What To Gift My Son On His Marriage Anniversary?

anniversary cake

Anybody said what is special in it, to give a gift to a son on his marriage anniversary. The special thing which you find is the moment when you have given him a gift. As he is your son, you give him a gift on his birthday or another event. But this time you are not finding a gift only for your son, you need to find a gift for your son’s wife too. This means you need to find a gift for two people, on the same occasion but the gift must be different.

Whether it is your son’s first marriage or marriage anniversary after many years of marriage. It’s your responsibility to give a gift to your son, but not only for your son but for his wife too. Because without your son’s wife, not your son lives completely or not in your life. I know that this thing you knew that, you can’t give your son that gift that you give him on his birthday. Because he is small like that time, nor the singles now. So you have to find something that makes your son’s marriage anniversary a fantastic day, for him and her wife.

Engraved wallet card

Maybe you and your son will not stay together after his marriage. He moves far from you to a new place, because of his job or starting a new life somewhere else. You can give this engraved wallet card to your son with his anniversary cake, which he cut with his wife. The engraved wallet card has the photo of him, with you and a message at its back as well.

anniversary cake

That tells him whether we are not with you physically, but our blessings with you are always. Whatever way you decide, or in any way you walk, we are with you in all your decisions. Start your life with full confidence, because if you fall then we are standing behind you holding you. Not just holding you, but also for giving you the confidence back that you won’t fall again. Whenever you miss us, then you can read the message behind this card, which is engraved for you. If you miss us badly can call us, how far are we from you. We are far by distance but not by heart.

Map cufflink

If your son is shifted to another city or country, then he can’t bring all the things from here to there. But he can bring the place where you stay with him.� You can give your son cufflinks that have a map of the place where you stay. Whenever your son uses the cufflinks, then he can find that you stay here.

He plays in the street very much every day. He can remember all the things, which he does in the place where you stay. Whether the place has a good memory or bad, but all come to mind for your son.

Keepsake box

In this box, you can place all the photos, memories, letters, and all the things. Which is special for your son and you as well. Whether it is the picture that connects you or gives happiness to both of you. You can give your son the best picture of you and him. You can give him a letter that he writes for you, or you write for him. Whether it is the picture of the designer cake that he cooked for you. This box is all about feeling it with your emotion. The emotion which you have for your son, and the emotion that your son has for you.

Classic watch

You can give your son a watch, whether the watch is yours or you buy a watch for him. You can give your son a watch that sells very much in your time. You can give your son a modern watch. The watch is a thing that he wears daily, and not for one to two hours. But for a long time in a day as well. Whenever his eyes went to the watch, he remembered you. Who knows maybe he can call you to talk with you. You can also tell your son, whether the time is good or bad, we are with you. That meaning of our gift, that we give you or the meaning of this watch.

These are the ideas of gifts that you can give to your son, on their marriage anniversary. The blessings of yours to them are enough for them. They didn’t require anything more from you, but if you want then you can give them a gift.


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