What to do When Your SEO Isn?t Working?

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    Are your SEO efforts not working?

    It is not enough for the sites to simply be indexed by Bing, Google and Yahoo. There are a lot of people who rely on the first page of search results for what they are looking for.

    Making the SEO mistakes is quite common but if you do not care to fix them it can have a reverse effect on the online marketing strategy and your overall marketing plan.

    Now if your SEO efforts are not showing positive results or your leads or sales are not increasing even after 3 months then it does not mean that you have failed.

    Rather chances are high that you are committing some of the common SEO mistakes correcting which can help you to reverse the negative results.

    Here are some of the steps that you can take if your SEO campaign is not achieving the desired results. Take a look.

    ? Set Realistic Goals –

    You must set realistic terms that you want to rank for. If you are new to this, then you must stick around the edges. You have to specialise in key areas so that customers choose you over the bigger brands and use paid ads initially if you have to. You should build traffic on the variations of the keywords that you want to rank for and slowly progress towards your aim or big game. 

    Follow the mantra of presenting the best product, service and advice to your clients and work towards the title fights. You cannot achieve much by setting unrealistic goals. Instead aim small and work up the ladder.

    ? Improve Your Web Design Experience –

    Your website must delight your viewers and it must look great on ever devise. SEO must be included all through the design and process of development. Here are few things to take care of.

    1. There must be a strategy for outlining the web design
    2. There must be an architecture of web info strategy built and implemented
    3. There should be a solid content strategy and on-site SEO optimization basics must be completed
    4. There must be a plan of transition created and implemented
    5. The load speed of your site must also be optimal (below 2 seconds)

    These are just some of the factors that you need to consider for enhancing the website experience. 

    ? Put Your On-Page SEO in Order –

    Your on-page SEO is something that you just can?t avoid and if your SEO is not working, that can be a major reason. You can improve several elements on the on page that will enhance the rankings on SERPs.  This includes –

    1. Quality of Content – Your on-page content must be useful, quality original, well-researched and published on the site before it appears anywhere else. It should also be SEO optimised enriched with the right usage of keywords. 
    2. Meta Descriptions and Page Titles – This is an extremely vital factor for rankling. The meta description, page title, headings and contents are checked by search engines to know what it is about. So these must be curated well and in the right way for ranking high.
    3. Multimedia Events and Other Images –  You should include the multimedia factors like videos or moving images and images on the page that are relevant to make your page or site more attractive. 
    4. Formatting and Headlines – Your contents must be formatted with headings and subheadings. The text must be split in 3 or 4 lines paragraphs that are well-spaced to make it simple to read. 

    These are some of the onpage elements that you must get right. 

    ? Keep Up with Google Algorithm –

    A lot of site owners, digital marketers and SEO executives are often left perplexed at the Algorithm update numbers presented by Google. Your SEO strategy can fail completely if you do not abide by the Algorithm directives. 

    Your site?s search results can be impacted in significant ways as Google keeps changing the search algorithms every year. So you must ensure that your site is at par with the major updates of Google?s algorithms. 

    ? Provide Link Juice to Your Site –

    Backlinks are the most essential aspects of small or large business SEO strategy. Your business must create a good collection of backlinks in the search engine minds. An effectual marketing and backlink strategy offers a major edge. To get the ball rolling, you can leverage the backlinks of the competitors.?These are some of the ways as suggested by the expert of reputed digital marketing agency in India who have been in the industry for a long time and know the tricks of the trade inside out and thus can help you achieve desirable results.


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