What to Do if Your FASTag is Hotlisted


Living in a world that’s fast paced and heavily reliant on technology, services like FASTag have proven to be incredibly beneficial. Despite the ease and convenience, there may still be issues that arise, such as having your FASTag hotlisted. If this happens, it’s essential to know what to do to get back on track quickly.

Understanding FASTag Hotlisting

FASTag hotlist refers to the process of deactivating a FASTag account temporarily due to insufficient funds or report of loss/theft. When your FASTag gets hotlisted, it means you won’t be able to use it to pay toll fees, adding unnecessary delays to your journey. So, it’s critical to act fast when you notice this issue.

Steps to Resolve a Hotlisted FASTag

To resolve this, the first step is to contact customer care immediately and inform them of your situation. The customer service representative can provide instructions based on the specific reason why your FASTag was hotlisted. If the hotlisting is due to insufficient funds, you have to ensure you recharge your FASTag promptly. For cases of theft or loss, you may need to replace your FASTag.

The Advantage of Bajaj Pay FASTag

When discussing FASTag replacement, it’s important to note the Bajaj Pay FASTag, which offers a seamless and convenient way of managing your FASTag transactions. You can easily purchase FASTag online which comes with an array of benefits, such as easy recharge facility, faster transit through toll plazas, and the ability to track your expenses.

How to Purchase Bajaj Pay FASTag

Buying the Bajaj Pay FASTag is simple. Visit the Bajaj Finserv website and navigate to the FASTag section. Fill in the required details and complete the KYC process. After successful KYC completion, make the payment, and your Bajaj Pay FASTag will be delivered to your doorstep.

Easy Recharge with Bajaj Pay

By using Bajaj Pay, you also get to avoid the hassle of having a lack of balance leading to a hotlist situation. This is because you can easily recharge your existing FASTag on Bajaj Finserv with just a few clicks. Simply log into your Bajaj Finserv account, go to the FASTag section, select ‘RECHARGE’, enter the desired amount, and make the payment.


A hotlisted FASTag can indeed be an inconvenient hiccup in your journey. But with prompt action and the convenience offered by a Bajaj Pay FASTag, dealing with such situations can become a breeze.


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