What To Consider Before Pet-Proofing Your Home?

We share a very special bond with our pets. There is no doubt that over some time, they become an important family member in our lives. But often, getting a pet can become a very tough task as several questions come into mind before getting one. Can we give proper time and effort to care for them or not? Will we be able to spend a lot of time with them or not? And one of the most important questions is will we be able to guard our furniture and homes against their child-like chaos??

Often the last question interferes with our desire to get an adorable pet. But imagine getting home to your sofa equipped with couch guard cat claw protection. It does come with a lot of benefits if you want to pet-proof your furniture hassle-free. To know more about what things you should consider before creating a pet-friendly home, keep reading this blog.

Steps To Take To Pet-Proof Your Home:

Protect Your Possessions

One of the first things you should take immediate action on is keeping your essential stuff out of the reach of your pets. Whether it’s your children’s books, gadgets, or expensive show pieces, you can keep them safe in the cupboards. It will help you hugely in avoiding the fear of losing your important stuff. Moreover, it is one of the best precautions before buying pet-proofing tools.

Supplies And Types Of Equipment

The next thing you will require very often or must have been already facing if you already have a pet is the frequent need to buy soft chewing toys for your dogs and cats. Apart from this, the essential dog and cat bath supplies also play a pivotal role in keeping them clean, but you will also be able to avoid dirty patches and imprints on your floor and carpets. Nevertheless, if you find your cushions, beds, and couches dirty with your dog’s muddy paws, then try using a furniture protectors for pets. There are many options like couch covers, sofa defenders, and more.

Research About Toxic Or Edible Products

Research matters the most while taking care of our homes and furniture from a pet. Since pets have a habit of chewing stuff, it can greatly vary depending on their choice of what next object they land on to chew. It can be your cushions, table’s edges, bedsheets, or more. First, the situation is not good for both of you as it will harm your pets. Secondly, the damage it will cause to your furniture would be terrible. So, give them plant-based materials to chew or toys to save yourself from that awful situation.

Doors, Gates, and Windows

One thing you shouldn’t miss out on is keeping your dogs and cats confined by installing baby doors and gates. It won’t allow them to crawl to your couches and tables. Moreover, installing dog gates at the entrance of your kitchen will save you from an unpredictable mess. Especially, cats have a habit of jumping here and there. You can use a couch guard cat claw protection to avoid your sofa getting ruined by your cat’s claws. It may also happen while looking across the window; they can hurt themselves through broken or harsh material made of glass or pavements of a window. So, repair them as soon as possible.

Give Them Space

You should especially keep this one piece of advice at the top of your list. As your pets too require their own space. So, you can make them a sweet little corner to get your pet settled comfortably. You can simply give them a small room where you won’t mind them clawing on your furniture. Moreover, craft a den for your dog and stuff it up with pillows and a comfy blanket for your pet to relax.

Some Other Things To Make Your Home Pet Friendly

Apart from this, install electrical socket guards and a safe wiring system. Else, your pet’s vivaciousness can cause big turbulence. Moreover, dispose of your trash and garbage sophisticatedly using lidded trash cans and dustbins. Else, sharp and harmful objects exposed to open your animals may hurt them. Finally, install anti-skid flooring as it prevents your pets from losing their balance. On the other hand, using painless pet deterrents like big plastic pieces to defend the couch is also one of the best ?furniture protectors for pets.


If you want an easy way to protect your furniture from your pets, then using a roller to clean their fur off your couch is also smart. Apart from all the things you consider, pick washable and easy-to-clean fabrics. Moreover, keep your balconies highly secured as that prevents your pets the fear of slipping. Furthermore, keep a secure hydration station for them, as your pets may need plenty of water after an exhausting session of continuous playing. Finally, regular grooming of your dog will also decrease the chances of getting your furniture ruined. Therefore, considering these factors will help you prioritize your pet-proofing tools well.

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