What Is Special About Kota Doria Material?

Rajasthan is a state known for its rich traditions and royalty. Every art form that originated in Rajasthan has a specific richness to it. The state has a vibrant and colorful lifestyle and fantastic art forms. Rajasthan also has a rich tradition of garments and different kinds of printing techniques. One of them is Kota Doria. Kota Doria is the name given to a unique blend of cotton and silk materials with square check patterns on it.

What Is Special About Kota Doria Material?

While the silk material provides shine to the resultant fabric, cotton provides it the needed strength. The square checked pattern is known as ?khat? and is one feature that distinguishes Kota Doria from other art forms. As evident from the name, Kota Doria originated in Kota, Rajasthan. The quality of weave in the fabric of Kota Doria is very fine and thus it is very lightweight. 

You can find several garments made of the Kota Doria fabric. These include salwar kameez, dupatta,?Kota Doria saree online, etc.?

History of the origin of Kota Doria

To begin with, Kota Doria originated in Mysore, where the art form was practiced extensively. The artists who practiced it were known as the ?Masuria?. Somewhere around the 17th and 18th centuries, these artists were brought to Kota in Rajasthan by a general of the Mughal Army, Rao Kishore Singh. The amalgamation of the traditions and art forms of the two states resulted in the Kota Doria weave. Sarees were one of the first garments made using this art, and it got extremely popular among masses.

The inspiration behind Kota Doria

The Rajasthani rulers favored this art form because it represented grace and elegance it the most natural form. Initially, the sarees were made mostly in white or beige colors. Now, a plethora of colors are being used to weave Kota Doria sarees. With time, more and more colors were used, and the fabric was also adorned with other designs and prints. Initially, Kota Doria was only made of cotton cloth, but now silk is also used. This gives more royalty to the fabric and increases its value.


Kota Doria sarees are available in a wide variety of designs and prints. Three of the most common styles available in the market are – basic, printed, and zari. These sarees are available in a wide variety of designs and this makes it possible to wear them for any occasion. You can wear them for parties or even for a casual outing. The plain sarees are just made of checks. Other sarees are adorned with block prints. Block printing gives an entirely new look to these sarees. The most common block printing style used is Bagru.?Bagru print saree online?are available at affordable prices.?

If you want to wear Kota Doria sarees for a party like occasion, you can also choose zari sarees. These sarees have golden zari work on the borders and in between. This work accentuates the look of a normal-looking Kota Doria saree.

Present Condition

With the advent of machines, the art form has already been on a decline. Despite this decline, there are a lot of rural families in Rajasthan that practice this art. They are keeping the art alive in its original form. If you look globally, silk and Khadi are the most sought after Indian fabrics. Kota Doria is right next to them in demand. With new fashion houses promoting this art and fabric, youngsters are getting to know about it. They are trying to make it adaptable to new and modern fashion sense. We must keep buying Kota Doria products to preserve the art.

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