What makes People Buy the 2021 Hyundai Santa Fe?

One of the primary reasons as to why more people are opting for the 2021 Hyundai Santa Fe is due to the upgrades that have been included in the lineup. Apart from it, it has a supreme powertrain along with a spacious interior that makes people want it even more. You can take a test drive at Covina Hyundai dealer.

However, before taking the leap to booking one, you should go through changes made in 2021 variant as well as other specs to know what makes people purchase this car.

Alternations implemented on 2021 Santa Fe

The entire exterior design goes through subtle changes that make it look even more aesthetically pleasing than its previous generations. This version of Santa Fe comes with bolder front grille and styling. Also, improvements are made to the interior portion that would ideally complement the exterior.

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Three powertrains are offered to people, which are an upgrade when compared with its earlier models. The standard engine now available is 2.5L option instead of the 2.4L one. In place of the 2L turbocharged, Hyundai decided to offer 2.5L turbocharged engine and lastly, Hyundai decided to add a hybrid trim also to the list.

Other changes involve numerous features regarding driver assistance along with shifter with push-button system, large touchscreen, digital gauge screen, and wireless smartphone integration is made standard.

Also, Calligraphy variant is added that comes with an impressive posh interior with leather upholstery, AWD standard option, and more that you can check out when visiting a Hyundai dealer Covina.

Details of powertrain

The non-turbo 2.5L engine makes 191 horsepower, while the turbocharged version is capable of 277-hp. These two engines are mated with auto 8-speed transmission and in either FWD or AWD depending on the choice of a buyer.

Lastly, the hybrid option has created a buzz in the automobile industry that has been equipped with auto 6-speed transmission along with 1.6L turbocharged engine and electric motors, which offers 226 horsepower. AWD is the default setting of this trim but it won’t be available till the late of 2021 year.

Stable ride is what you will receive, irrespective of the trim you purchase. Enough agility and refined ride along with superior powertrain make people opt for the 2021 Santa Fe. You can understand only if you drive it; hence, take a test drive to feel what other Santa Fe owners enjoy on their everyday ride.

Interior and price

Outstanding build quality and superior design is what you will find when checking the interior of this vehicle. From heated and ventilated seats to leather upholstery, updated tech features, ample cabin space, makes this a must buy. Also, the trunk space is larger than most of its competitors making it a worthy purchase.

You can get your hands on one if you spend $28,189 (SE trim); however, you should always opt for the SEL Premium Hybrid which is around $38,789 or Limited at $39,939 unless you are going the Calligraphy model which will cost you $41,939.

So, it is better to visit a dealership first, check out all the available trims and then decide which one you need to purchase!

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