What is the role of technology in fashion designing?

Technology is altering the fundamentals of the fashion business in a variety of ways. The fashion sector, like any other, is utilizing technology to accelerate development and advancement.

Many essential operations have embraced the use of technology, resulting in decreased time and labor costs, as well as increased consumer pleasure. But this is not the end of the story; consider how technology supports and perpetuates fashion design and its influence at any fashion technology institute in Kolkata.


Apps are used in fashion processes to make them more comprehensive, intelligent, and efficient. Some designing software improves matching or trial procedures by simulating a network switch between the designer and the customer. Not only that, but fashion software program can store the process history for reference in the future and assistance.

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It can secure information and trade secrets far more effectively than was previously physically feasible. Any company’s copyrighted material is carried by this program, thus it must be protected.

Social Media

Today’s social media is one of the most powerful market boosters. Among the most effective ways for a fashion designer to discover, network, market, and establish a brand and reputation. They can also interact with larger clienteles or foreign customers, allowing them to market their fashion design work internationally.

Cooperation has become considerably more efficient and convenient. Possibilities can be discovered and taken advantage of in a variety of ways. It is true that technology has broken down all geographical borders.

Social media also aids in the connection of fashion to a cause. Numerous fashion firms voice their love through social media and their clothing lines. It is even taught in many a fashion designing school in Kolkata.

E- Commerce

E-commerce seems to be another technological product. It is unquestionably beneficial to the fashion business. Everything is much more accessible and convenient now that the market is migrating to displays like mobile phones or computers.

One may browse for hours in the luxury of one’s own home and yet receive the finest choice, quality, and transportation of items. Goods from other countries have also become available, which were previously unimaginable.

Furthermore, a plethora of new fashion design businesses have emerged, making the fashion industry more competing and accessible. All of this has had a positive impact on the industry.

Payment portals

With the introduction of technologies such as Google Pay, more and more transactions are becoming cashless. Even if a person prefers to buy in person, they do not need to carry a large amount of cash because they may use such applications or a card, both of which are more secure than actual cash. Some businesses encourage this mode of payment by assigning points or other incentives to it, making it much more appealing.

As a result, technology and design have grown inextricably linked. A fashion design student can no longer expect to work unless they understand the technical components of fashion.


A distinct discipline called Fashion Technology has been introduced in many locations to familiarize the fresh brains of the Fashion business with the technology employed in the processes of fashion and enable them to master them from the very early stages of education.

Many individuals believe that technology has changed the essence of fashion and that conventional abilities are no longer necessary. This is not the case. Although technology has rendered certain technical skills obsolete, the basic talents still necessary to become a good fashion designer, in addition to understanding of these fashion designing software and methodologies.

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