A detailed look on ICO- Definition, Development, Marketing

What is an ICO?

ICO- Initial Coin Offering is a method where investors are issued a coin/ token, which they sell to raise funds for their business. Many business entities prefer ICO for their start-ups because of the multiple benefits involved with it, mainly the higher return possibilities compared to the initial investment.

 If you are looking to develop your own ICO, you must conduct extensive research and choose the right platform to do it, to sustain and shine through the existing competitors. Before that, you must know the insights of every process involved with an ICO, to communicate and develop it, according to your preferences. For that, first, let’s find out what are all the steps involved with an ICO development. 

Steps that shouldn’t be missed while developing an ICO:

The first and foremost step is the ideation. You need to have a clear idea about the motive behind your ICO and the benefits it will provide to the customers, to drive them towards your business. After forming the idea and the structure, you must conduct research on what the existing competitors are offering, to enhance your business and provide unique solutions. There are a few necessary integrations that you should carry out in the most authentic way possible.  The services include, 

  • Legalisation
  • Creation of ICO token/ coin
  • Necessary KYC Integrations
  • Enhanced security integration
  • ICO fundraising dashboard and landing page
  • Blockchain and smart contracts integration
  • ICO web and mobile wallets setup
  • ICO listings
  • ICO tokens distribution and pricing
  • Coin drop to wallets

These are the major steps involved in an ICO development process. But you can’t be done with this. For a business to do well in the market and to sustain in the long run, there is an aspect, you need to give utmost importance to. That is, Marketing your ICO! For every business, marketing is the most primary component. It determines the value of your business among the audience and creates a reputation to reach globally. 

Especially for a business that is highly on-demand like an ICO, you must carry-out effective and unique marketing strategies to survive the competition. Let’s find out what are all the effective ways to market your ICO. 

Effective ways to market ICO:

  • The first thing the customer will notice about your ICO is the whitepaper. You have to write a clear, effective whitepaper, that explains the motive and benefits behind your ICO, to drive customers towards your project. Your whitepaper should focus on points like, 
  1. Why choose your ICO? 
  2. How is it different from the existing competitors?
  3. How are you planning to upscale the business?
  4. About the team, relevant experience
  5. Previous successful ICO projects. 
  • Launch a website that is easily navigable, designed efficiently to grab customer’s attention towards your ICO. 
  • Carry out marketing through various social media platforms like Facebook, telegram, reddit, etc. You should use the right strategies for this, as social media marketing brings a wide scope for your business and reaches a global audience. 
  • Content marketing through blogs, articles, etc, explaining your ICO briefly, which will add value and relevance among investors. 
  • Hiring influencers to talk about and promote your ICO, to make it go viral in the market. 
  • Conducting events/ campaigns, and a press release to spread awareness about the ICO, to every nook and corner of the world. 
  • Creating a brand and reputation for the ICO, through various online and offline channels that will gain the trust of the investors. 
  • Email marketing through sending emails to potential investors, comprising all the necessary information about the ICO. 
  • Bounty programmes where you can offer rewards and free coins to investors for their contribution towards the ICO project. 

The above mentioned are all the essential marketing tools through which you can carry out effective marketing for your ICO, that will reach a wide range of investors around the globe. And the best way to go about developing and marketing an ICO, would be to hire a well recognised ICO development company, who will offer all-inclusive services from ICO development, ICO marketing, ICO launching services, etc that widens your scope in the market and helps increase immense profit. So, get in touch with one such company and join the millionaire club!

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