What is Flipkart Plus

flipkart plus membership

Flipkart Plus is the loyalty program of e-commerce giant Flipkart. Customers can join this loyalty program at no additional cost. The Flipkart Plus Loyalty Program is available on both the app and the website. Under this loyalty program, users get various benefits such as free shipping on desired products, faster shipping, access to great discounts and other discounts.

Ā Flipkart offers Flipkart Plus to verified buyers. These are customers who regularly buy things from the online store. In this article, you will find all the information you need about how to get Ā Flipkart Plus and benefits of flipkart plus membership.

How to get a Flipkart Plus membership?

Now the question arises, how to become a Flipkart Plus member? Well, that’s easy! You need 200 Flipkart Super Coins Ā in the last 12 months to activate your Flipkart Plus membership. Once you have collected the required amount of 200 Super Coins, you can simply activate your Plus membership. To subscribe to Ā Flipkart Plus, do the following.

  1. Log in to your Flipkart account.
  2. Go to the Profile Section.
  3. There you will find a ‘Join Flipkart Plus ‘ option.
  4. After clicking on the option, you’ll see an explore page.
  5. If you have enough Super Coins, a ‘ Join Now ‘ option will appear.
  6. After clicking that option, there will be an easy sign-up.

Flipkart Plus membership benefits

Benefits of Flipkart Plus Membership are:

Offers fast delivery

Flipkart Plus allows you to get unlimited deliveries as a Flipkart Plus member. Plus, as a Plus member, you don’t have to pay the shipping fee.

Get easy and early access to sales

With this loyalty program, you can easily get early access to  upcoming Flipkart sales and enjoy maximum savings. Also, during the sale, you can get premium member offers  like  Flipkart Big Saving Days  and more.

How to check Flipkart Plus membership?

After activating your Flipkart Plus membership, the question arises, how to check if you are a member of Flipkart Plus? Well, it is easy to check the current status of your Flipkart Plus membership. Here are the steps you can follow to verify your Flipkart Plus membership.

Login to your Flipkart account.  Go to the profile section. There you will find the option Join Flipkart Plus. After clicking on the option, the research page will open.  Scroll to the bottom of the research page and you will see the Super Coin bar with the membership expiration date.

Flipkart Plus membership for students

If you are a Flipkart Plus member, the company offers you  priority customer support. The response from the support team is relatively faster for  Plus members. You will also receive review and sales information calls from the company.

What is the Flipkart Plus membership quiz?

Flipkart Plus membership quiz is like a small addition to the gaming area of ā€‹ā€‹the e-commerce company Flipkart. By participating in these quizzes, you can win exciting prizes by answering a few simple questions.  Super coins, vouchers, and gift cards from various partner brands are usually offered, which can be used in the future.

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