What is the excess wear charge when leasing?

Excess wear charge when leasing your car is a big problem. Nobody wants to get hit by this huge wear charge, but you really cannot end this problem. Although there are many factors through which you can reduce this excess charge. Excess wear charge is the charge which is paid by the lessee in case of additional damage to the car after normal use.

The car owner organizes a lease inspection at your home or any nearby dealership locators. In inspection, they mainly look for the interior and exterior damage to the car. In the interior, lease charges can be increased on curb rash, dented wheels, and pitted windshield. Several brands such as Toyota, Chevrolet, and many more already prepare the rough sense of the damage that the company considered worth charging while leasing at the end.

The dealers such as Bell Ford, Berge Mazda have listed up the collection of new, used, or pre-owned Mazda vehicles online on their websites. The dealers offer profitable services for their customers to take advantage while buying at the time of selling or leasing.

What to do to avoid these charges?

It is very important to take care of your car to avoid small problems. You already knew that from the start that in the end, the inspector will charge for every damage. So, it is better to be nice to your car.

Always go for car insurance that might help you in case of emergency and bad situations. Some of the problems can be solved at local car repair shops such as I-5 Motor that charge less than the car dealership. It is advisable to go for repair and maintenance once before the inspection to avoid huge excess wear charges.

Maintain previous maintenance records, repair shop papers, and annual charge details that you have spent on the vehicle. The insurance company can ignore some small damage because of these efforts and services on the car.

The car dealership Many car insurance companies look for the damage in several domains:

  • Scratches, dings, marks, and scrapes on the surface, covers, and engines, restricted wheels
  • Cracks, stars, or extreme pitting in the shield and other windows
  • Unusual or worst wear on the tires
  • Rips or stains on the pillows that can’t be adjusted or refined with regular refurbishing.


At the end of the lease, you need to return the vehicle to the dealership. To avoid huge charges, the best method to regulate the wear and tear on your car is by offering good care and weekly servicing and maintenance. The value that the car repair services hit on the vehicle is less than the inspection charges. Keep your car away from small and big damages such as road accidents and scratches. 

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  4. Leasing Comes Laced With Loopholes
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