What Is Digimon TCG?

Digimon TCG, known as the Digimon Card Game, is a competitive trading card game. In this game, each participant has a companion Digimon in the given battle area, with an objective of attacking their opponent.

To play a Digimon trading card game, you will need a strong deck of cards. Beginners can use a pre-built starter deck. Your Digimon can be strengthened to win battles with the help of booster packs. Digimon fans can participate in workshops and tournaments to fight friendly battles and build a community.

As a starter, there are some things you need if you want to play this game. You first need a deck of cards. If it is your first time playing the game, we recommend purchasing the pre-built starter deck. By buying booster packs, you will be able to strengthen your Digimon.

Digimon trading card game

Ultimately, the crux of the game revolves around keeping your Digimon powered up and alive. In the game, every player gets two decks, called the “Digi-Egg.” These eggs hatch and become Digimon, and a deck has about fifty cards that include all the other types.

How to Play the Digimon Trading Card Game?

Basic Rules of The Game

Game Setup

  • First, the player must shuffle their deck and place it in the Deck Zone. After this, the player must shuffle their Digi-Egg deck, after which they have to place it in the Digi-Egg Zone.
  • Next, the player must put 5 five cards from the top of their deck into their Security Stack without looking at them.
  • Determine who goes first by any random method. Through a random method, anyone may go first. The winner must always go first.
  • The player must draw five cards from their deck, which will be their starting hand.
  • Before starting, the player must place the counter on the number 0 on the Memory Gauge.
  • Finally, the game can begin.

Paying the Memory Costs

This game uses a Memory Gauge system to pay the memory costs of cards. During one of the player’s turns, if the memory counter lands on a number greater than 0 on their opponent’s side of the Memory Gauge, the player’s turn ends, and it becomes their opponent’s turn after all other cards and effects resolve.

It is important to note that neither player can have more than 10 memories. This is because to pay a memory cost exceeding 10, you must be able to move the memory counter that many spaces.

Understanding the Suspended and Unsuspended States

Digimon that are played are typically placed upright in the unsuspended state. Once an action such as attacking or blocking has taken place, they are then rotated sideways to indicate that they are in the suspended state.

In this veil, the returning of a suspended card to the unsuspended state is called unsuspending, while the changing of an unsuspended card to the suspended state is called suspending.

The Main Phase

This is also called the primary phase of the game. During this phase, players can perform as many of the following actions as they like, in any order:

  • Playing Digimon
  • Digivolving
  • Playing Tamers
  • Using Option Cards
  • Attacking
  • End of the Turn

If, at the end, the memory counter lands on a number greater than 0 on the player’s opponent’s side, the player’s turn ends, and it becomes the opponent’s turn. This is how the game keeps going.

Digimon V/S Pokémon

Both Digimon and Pokémon are incredible game experiences. There are, however, a few features that set them apart. In this section, we try and examine what separates the two of them:

Powering Up

Both games, Digimon and Pokémon allow for the enhancement of their powers and abilities.

In Digimon, powering up is called Digivolution. It occurs when the Digimon gains enough experience to have collected sufficient data and information, or when its tamer uses a rare Digivice, which makes the owner to be DigiDestined, eventually causing their Digimon to Digivolve.

The Digivolution is very handy during battle and when there are danger or people in need of rescuing. The effect of Digivolution is not permanent; the Digimon can return to its normal state.

In Pokémon, however, the effects of powering up, called evolution, are permanent. When a Pokémon does evolve, its nature and species become completely different.

The Treatment of Death & Regeneration

When a Pokémon gets killed in a fierce battle or mortally injured that causes it to die eventually, the life of the Pokémon Games is over.

However, in Digimon, the creatures don’t necessarily die, because when they are mortally wounded, lose all their energy, or killed in battle, their digital configuration can be regenerated. They will be reborn as a digital egg or Digiegg and will go through the entire process of growing up and gathering data through experience.

Difference in the Stories

Both stories have very deeply resonant stories that explore in great detail themes like friendship, compassion, and much more. However, Digimon seems to emphasise these emotions a lot more than Pokémon.

In these games, the emotions are shown very clearly, and the characters end up being far more relatable because they are very flawed and very human. The storytelling and themes are quite grown up.

In contrast to this, Pokémon is a lot more child friendly and light-hearted. The game is less adventurous in that sense, and more focused on just having a good time while merely brushing upon these ideas.

Why Is Digimon Trading Game So Popular?

Digimon trading cards hit the scene when people were desperate for a game that provided not only entertainment, but also intellect with replay value. The game satisfies all the categories and does so with complete impunity. It is innovative, it is fun, it is trendy and is overall a great experience of gaming. That’s why, the Digimon trading game has been a huge success all over.

Where to Buy Digimon Trading Card Game in Australia?

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