What is a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA) and How it Can Help Your Personal Injury Case?

    conditional fee agreement

    You may have seen billboards advertising ?No win no fee? personal injury lawyers, but what does that really mean?

    Personal injury cases are submitted when you undergo an accident, harm or trauma, which results from the negligence of a third-party. These cases can include medical negligence, road traffic accidents, accidents in the workplace and accidents caused by the city?s disregard for updating the infrastructure.

    Some solicitors that empower you to make a personal injury claim offer a no win, no fee, service. The official name of this policy is called as the Conditional Fee Agreement or the CFA. If you wish to learn more about the CFA, take a look at the following guide.

    What is the Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA)?

    The Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA) was first introduced in 1998. It is a written agreement that stresses the presence of a No Win No Fee arrangement between you and your employed solicitor. This document is engineered to provide you with the encouragement to pursue your case, without fearing the cost of hiring a certified solicitor. This document was initially created so that every individual was able to seek the power of representation, even if they cannot afford it.

     The Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA) makes certain that you are only required to make a payment to your solicitor, in the case that they win the submitted claim.  Moreover, the CFA also places a limit on the amount that a solicitor can charge you. Hence, this document certifies your best interest when you make a claim.

    How can a CFA help your personal injury case?

    If you have suffered a personal injury, a CFA can provide you with the encouragement to submit a claim against the guilty party. Under normal circumstances (without a CFA), you would be required to pay the solicitor upfront for submitting a claim on your behalf. This amount is usually paid to compensate for the hours a solicitor spends on your case. However, in addition to the initial amount, you would also be required to pay extra money for other measures involved in the case. In the absence of a CFA, you are required to pay in instalments as the case moves forward. Moreover, the law firm charges once the case concludes.

    With the said, the Conditional Fee Agreement absolves you from making any payment after meeting with the solicitor. Once you sign the document, you can take a risk- free approach to claim the amount that you deserve. With the CFA, you do not have to pay for your personal injury lawyer any upfront fee. You would only be charged if you experience a win after the case concludes. Additionally, with the CFA, you are only required to pay the legal fee, without any extra charges. This amount is only to be paid if you have won the case and if you have received the settlement money. Payments must only be made if the two preceding conditions are met.

    Is the CFA Beneficial for the Solicitor?

    The Conditional Fee Agreement offers more advantage of the client, in contrast to the solicitor. However, solicitors that provide their clients with this option are more confident in thier abilities to take on and win the case. Moreover, when you present your claim to the personal injury lawyer, they investigate and analyse the details comprehensively. If your situation coincides with tangible evidence, which the solicitor can use to make cogent arguments, they would happily take on the case. However, if your case lacks substantial proof that is imperative to make a claim, the solicitor would inform you during the consultation session.

    Taking this into account, make sure that you hire a personal injury lawyer, who offers free consultation sessions. This way, you will not be charged for the initial meeting in which the case is discussed. You can make sure that the selected service provides free consultations by visiting their website, or by talking to a customer care representative on the phone. If there is an enquiry form on the website, you can ask about the cost of the consultation session through it.

    How to take assistance from a personal injury lawyer?

    Once you have selected a firm that offers a Conditional Fee Agreement and a free consultation meeting, you can elaborate your case on call, or by scheduling a face-to-face meeting. Once you meet with the lawyer, and they agree to take on your case, your job becomes relatively simple. The chosen lawyer would deal with all the legal elements of the case, and form cogent arguments to ensure that you receive the maximum amount of compensation. As soon as the case is resolved, the solicitor would send you the cheque with the amount that you deserve. At last, you can use some of the settlement money to pay the solicitor?s fee, and your professional relationship can come to an end.


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