Do Hand Grippers Work? What You Need to Know?

Hand grippers are one of the overhyped fitness products nowadays within e-commerce websites like Amazon. It is considered to be the best strength training program equipment by the fitness trainers. But many people ask do they really work?

Yes, it definitely works, hand gripper is a highly efficient low-cost option for those who are planning to start their grip straightening exercise. Initially one can?t lift heavy loads, because of limited grip strength, however, with grip strengthening exercises you can easily develop grip strength, which makes you eligible for core strengthening exercises. With strong grip you can lift barbell and dumbbell efficiently, but before that practice with hand grippers to condition your hand muscles.

Today in this article we?re going to talk about the utility of hand grippers and how they can be used efficiently.

hand grippers work

Then recommend the most effective hand grippers available in the market.

Let?s talk about its efficiency and benefits

Excellent budget option:

Hand grippers are the best in-expensive strength training equipment. You can see best selling hand grippers available in e-commerce websites which are highly affordable and effective. You?ll get plenty of reviews about their pro-activities. The price range is all around starting from $8 to $ 25, buy them according to your budget, and the required level of challenges, but we would recommend buying products from $12 to $18.

If you compare it with weight plates, dumbbells or barbells, then hand gripper is really inexpensive hand training equipment

Hand grippers really strengthen your grip:

Grip strength exercise is really an easy job. Here you don?t need to do much, just sit in a position and take a grip to make your grip strengthening exercise. When you think about grip enhancing exercises, you may think about the dumbbells and pull-up bars, however, these are not really true. Now we can think in advance as well.

Just read the mechanism of action of a hand grip strengthener, here you?ll work on crushed grips rather than moving into the other position. With this type of grip strengthening exercise you don?t do forearm flexors or engaging biceps, therefore, you only engage wrist and finger muscles.

Hand strengthening equipment, especially a hand gripper, especially targets your whole forearm muscles.

Hand gripper helps you to increase your forearm size:

We previously said that grip strengthening doesn’t directly engage your forearm flexor muscles, but it would stimulate them to grow. Therefore, conditioning your forearm muscles not only increases your strength, but also stimulates your forearm flexor muscles to grow, and the result is an increase of forearm muscle size. Undoubtedly it also increases the forearm sizes as well.

Biceps curl, pull-ups bar and deadlifts demand grip strength along with dense forearms. So, grip strengthening functions as a 2-in-1 exercise.

How do you use a hand gripper?

Here we would like to talk about the proper way to use a hand gripper so that you?ll get optimum results out of it. Some people use hand grippers regularly, which is basically a wrong concept. Would you ever condition your other body muscles regularly? The answer is no, so, why would you condition your forearm muscle every single day?

The right way to use a hand gripper effectively is  to perform 3-4 sets after you are done with your upper body , arms, back which depends on the type of exercises you have done. Experts always recommend not to use a hand strengthener before following any other workout routine, because of adequate warm up and you will get enough strength out of other exercises as well.

Experts also suggest that not to use grip strengthening for not more than 3-4 times a day, for beginners even this frequency could be excessive as well.

If you ask which gripper is best for you? Then we?ll give you two option

  • Captains of Crush Hand gripper- A classic Hand gripper 
  • Smart digital hand gripper

Classic captain of crush hand gripper

It is a very famous hand gripper, even a best seller for famous e-commerce websites. It is made for both beginners and for top level athletics. It comes in multi-level challenges as well. It comes in an ergonomic model which works excellently.

Let?s check out the advantages of using it:

Endurance level/ Durability: The classic hand grippers come in a highly durable framework, so there will be no chance of breaking down.

Gain excellent strong knurled grip: make a tight grip with the classic hand grip strengthener

Even it also offer proven track record, which helps you to measure, track, evaluate hand strength/

Digital hand gripper; Introduce Squegg

Squegg has launched a digital smart hand gripper. It is smart and very different from conventional hand grippers. It is because it is a blue-tooth enabled dynamometer which allows users to evaluate, track, and measure, and correct your grip strength. Its outer layer is made up of silicone, so one can comfortably hold and squeeze it. Created in an advanced way to make it digital & smarter however, it is significantly lighter as well. To make hand therapy exercise developers integrate in-app games and engagement exercises which not only strengthen grips, but also engage your mind in a positive way so that you don?t get bored.

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