What Do You Mean By House Restumping?

House Restumping

Imagine living in a home that�s weak in its foundation? Sleepless nights! And, even if you get some, nightmares won�t be a surprise! The point here is, a home that stands on weakened stumps is prone to damages of varying extent and types. The consequences could be anything from cracked walls to even a permanent structural collapse. In situations like these, one of the most effective solutions is calling up experts for restumping, Melbourne, and getting the house restumped promptly.

What is house restumping, Melbourne?

The base of your home, of which stumps are part, weakens and turns fragile over a while. It gets damaged because of various weather and soil-related factors and requires the stumps to be replaced after a particular period. Restumping constitutes an essential process and should be looked at seriously, as it directly relates to the foundation of your home. House restumping involves jacking up a house and replacing the old stumps with new ones in a way that enhances the overall strength of the home and provides weather protection. 

What are the signs your home needs restumping?

When in need of restumping, your home shows some clear indications. You, as the owner or the user of the house, or both, must stay mindful of such signs and call up experts to get your home restumped and avoid further damage.

  • You live in a house which is over three decades old
  • The foundation of your home has started to smell
  • You�ve observed cracks on wall corners and surfaces
  • You want to renovate your old home
  • Your existing stumps are timber and have weakened now
  • You live in a coastal area with high soil moisture content

What are the benefits of house restumping, Melbourne?

While being alert about the above signs and being a good observant of the changes happening in the structure of your home, on time restumping done through experts offers the following benefits.

  • Restumping renews the foundation of your home, enhances its strength and increases its durability. As a result, you wouldn�t have to worry about the foundation of your home on the stump front for quite some time.
  • With restumping, you increase the resale value of your home.
  • It allows you to add more space to your home. So, if you think of family expansion, if space permits, you can expand the area of your existing home and enjoy a larger space.
  • Old stumps become vulnerable to rotting and damage from floods and soil moisture. However, new ones withstand pressures from such external elements and offer better protection from them.
  • Sinking stumps can turn your home floor uneven. It can create slopes and exert higher pressure on a particular area. However, restumping turns the foundation even, and consequently, the floor is consistent. That also minimizes the chances of damage resulting from foot traffic, weight pressure, etc. 

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You must have come across the term restumping? But what do you mean by restumping, and what are the various indications and benefits of restumping? This blog answers these questions and introduces you to the best service provider for restumping, Melbourne!

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