Mishaps are occurrences that are unavoidable when safety isn?t prioritized. However, it is a different story when it comes to our elders. Although welfare is being given precedence, they still happen to get involved with accidents. Misfortunes that are mostly caused by falling.

    Old people are already considered as feeble, due to how weak their immune system and their bones are. That even a simple stumble can cause a solemn crash that often provides major injuries. 

    As a reference, over 30 percent of persons that are aged 65 above are having fatal or non-fatal injuries or death from falling. That is why, if you happen to neglect or fail to recall this actuality, expect the unexpected from happening for your elderly.

    This is how dangerous it is on leaving an old folk alone. They tend to do things on their own, claiming that they can, even though it is the opposite.

    Multiple families lost their loved ones because of this certain disaster. They could have done something to prevent such occurrence, yet they happen to ?forget? the one who raised them.

    As a result, several families are leaving their grandparents in a retirement home. For your information, it is a multi-residence accommodating facility intended for old people. Mainly because they declare that they are not capable of taking care of the person who took care of them when they were young.

    What they don?t know is that old folks are not that difficult to keep an eye on. They are fun to be with. Older people always tell stories that happen from their past with a faint smile on their faces. Giving out lessons in life that will surely help you in the future.

    This is the verity that proves mishaps can be prevented so easily. Most especially when you accompany them.

    To learn more about certain things to minimize the harm that may threaten your grandparents, down below is an infographic crafted by Euro-American Connections & Homecare with all the information regarding what causes elderly people to fall:


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