What are some of the essential aspects of a Uber clone solution

Uber clone solutions are becoming an integral part of everybody’s daily lives without which the day won’t even be normal. That speaks about how essential and vital they have become. It has made several entrepreneurs invest in the on-demand cab/ ride-hailing business. It is because such applications help in the concepts called ride-hailing and ride-sharing. Furthermore, thanks to them, there is no need to get stuck in heavy traffic hereafter or wait for a taxi that fails to turn up.

As more and more people are getting familiar with the advantages that Uber clones have to offer, entrepreneurs are using that to several advantages, one of which includes them being a good revenue generator. Another advantage is that such solutions are immensely beneficial to the customers as well.

Speaking of the last aspect, you must ascertain to satiate your client base if you are an entrepreneur who is looking to make huge profits. Doing that will build up brand loyalty, and your user base will suggest other people use the services offered by your solution. The word of mouth advertising will play a great deal in getting more fame for your Uber clone.

Thereby, when building the taxi app of yours, ascertain to integrate the best/innovative features and also you must offer the best in terms of app performance and user experience included.

With that in mind, let us look at some critical factors related to building a powerful Uber clone solution. 

(i) Payment Integration:

In-app payments are one of the attractive features of the taxi app that will entice people towards using the app. It will eliminate all the previous hurdles like bills, lack of change and overcharges. It will provide the precise fare and much to the benefit of the user, he/she can get the estimate even before the booking of the ride is made. Depending upon this information, the rider can decide whether to opt for the trip or not take one that does not suit his pocket.

To get a competitive advantage, you can opt for integrating dynamic pricing that includes the likes of discounts. 

Concerning in-app payments integrate the likes of PayPal, Apple Pay and Google Wallet, to name a few. The payment gateways must be streamlined, and they should offer the best in terms of instant yet secure money transactions.

(ii) Avoid failure that will arise due to poor design:

It is typical that when developing an Uber clone, you want to offer your user base something better and glorious/awe-inspiring when compared with Uber. Ascertain to provide the best good design if not, you are just inviting doom for your app via a poor design. Refrain from developing your app to be a mere replica of Uber. The key metrics here are to provide something intuitive and straightforward, offering the best performance.

(iii) Geo-Tagging:

Maps are that vital for any taxi app speaking of which depends on geo-location and GPS to get the precise location details of both the rider and the driver. Thanks to these features, the driver base can obtain maps that show the best routes that are less traffic-congested and reach the destinations in a very less period.

It will help in providing better user experience augmenting the chances of you to succeed in the ride-hailing / ride-sharing business. 

(iv) User Friendly Sign Up/ Sign In Page:

A robust backend will take care of user profiles, user signup/login. Thereby ascertain to provide a robust backend. Furthermore, your taxi app must encompass privacy features so that the app accesses only the crucial and needed user information. 

Featuring a highly integrated rating system will also act as a prime contributor to the success of your business. It will optimize the security and user satisfaction. The user base can rate and review everything related to the ride and the services offered by the driver. 

(v) Push Notifications:

Usually, when a ride is booked, the drivers and the passengers need to exchange information related to the pickup location, the Estimated Time of Arrival and delays should they arise. However, such types of communication exchange will consume quite some time, and you can opt for the power of push notifications to ensure communication seamlessly and instantly. 


With all those details mentioned in the article so far, you are now primed to develop a highly thriving Uber clone app solution with all the features that you envisioned.

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Author Bio:

Vinoth is the Sales Head at Uberdoo, a leading Canadian technology company specializing in clone solutions. In his free time, vinoth writes blogs on the latest trends, mobile apps, clones and the current technologies etc.

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