What are the different types of Singapore work visas?

work visa

Singapore is one of the best locations for business transactions in Southeast Asia. Through the years its economy thrived from the existence of big corporations. These corporations have opened many opportunities for local and foreign individual talents. The company is present in Singapore varies in size and industry. They can range from small and medium enterprises to one of the biggest in the world. They come from industries such as food and beverages, healthcare, engineering, and even manufacturing.

work visa

Since Singapore is a relatively small country, it houses a relatively fewer number of local residents. So, to be able to meet the manpower demand of this business, Singapore provides foreign individuals an easy way to work in Singapore. Through acquiring a work visa you can work in companies that are operating in the Singaporean territory. It has a comprehensive and detailed process of work visa application.

From the employment pass to the S pass work permit, the Singaporean government makes sure that all applicants meet the necessary qualifications and requirements to make sure that the quality of the Singaporean workforce is maintained. In this article, we will talk about the things that you have to know when you want to apply for a Singapore work visa.

Qualifications and requirements

For a worker to be qualified to apply for a Singapore work visa,  they have to be of legal age or at least 18 years old at the date of the application. Minors are not allowed to enter the Singaporean market or work in any of its companies.  The next thing that you have to note is that all applicants must be a passport holder from their country of origin.

Since there are different types of visas such as the S pass work permit, different documents are also required to be presented. The academic background and experiences of an applicant should reflect that they are qualified for the job that they are applying for and Singapore. For professionals, a bachelor’s degree is required to be presented. For mid-skilled workers, Singapore accepts certifications and other training qualifications as long as it is fit for the job.

In addition, they are required to present a bank statement to prove that they can provide for themselves while in Singapore. They should also present proof of their intention of going back to their country. Since the work visa is not equivalent to a permanent resident visa, all applicants should be able to convince the Singaporean government that they will not overstay or abuse their welcome in Singapore.

These are just the basic or general requirements that you have to prepare when you want to apply for any kind of visa like the S pass work permit. Let us further talk about the different types of Singapore work visa so that you can prepare the necessary documents.

Employment pass

This type of work visa is intended for professionals that are applying for director, managerial, or executive positions. They must be earning at least S$4,500 monthly to qualify for this position. Aside from that, they must also be able to present the supporting documents that make them eligible for this work visa.


This is a different work visa for entrepreneurs that one to expand in Singapore. Documents regarding the business entity must be presented as proof. The company shouldn’t be incorporated for more than six months at the date of the application for a work visa.

Personalised employment pass

This is a special type of work visa that is not tied to one or a specific employer. The benefit of this work permit is that an individual can switch jobs without applying for a new employment pass. However, this should not be unemployed for more than 6 months. The downside of this work visa is that you cannot start your own company in Singapore and you should always be tied with a third-party employer.

S pass work permit

The S pass work permit is more appropriate for mid-skilled workers. Individuals are qualified for this kind of work visa if they are earning at least S$2,500 monthly. They should also present documents that can support their credentials for the type of job covered by the S pass work permit. An individual does not necessarily need to have a bachelor?s degree for this, the Singaporean government allows individuals to have relevant certifications or training.

Need help?

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