At the WTS conference, our global staff of directors, service providers, and industry experts deliver the latest trends in spa, fitness, lifestyle, and wellness.

 Below we present our findings.

Purification of the air

The EPA reports that Americans spend 2 to 5 times more time inside than they do in outdoor environments. * Scientists are studying how to remove viruses, including COVID-19, from the air. 

The filtering technologies that can capture and destroy particles are of interest to many consumers.

Many people will expect large businesses to have filtration systems in offices, fitness centers, schools and other places where people share space. 

These upgrades to air filtration will be listed as a value-added amenity to entice new customers and tenants.

 People will prioritize spending on protective items for their families as well as on their personal units.

Online Training

With a limited number of fitness centers open—or none—many trainers have begun utilizing virtual classes. 

This has enabled gyms to not only reach a global clientele, but also allow customers to interact as if they were in class. 

Today, many gyms compete with home brands like Peloton and Mirror. 

A growing number of people are turning to home gym options in their fitness routines as they become more comfortable with technology. 


Health and wellness enthusiasts and experts are now increasingly embracing Japanese wellness, also known as J-Wellness

Although their wellness rituals and practices are from ancient times, they continue to survive to this day.

There are 87 years of life expectancy for women and 81 years of life expectancy for men in Japan. 

There were over 2.3 million Japanese aged 90 in 2020 and over 69,000 centenarians.

Is the Japanese civilization concluding that it discovered the fountain of youth?

Achieving Mental Wellness

Mental wellness is finally receiving the attention it deserves.

 Calm and Headspace are popular apps that offer guided meditations referred to as micro-sessions. 

You’ll see more devices that have a built-in alert for you to stop and breathe when your heart rate goes up. 

Wearables will show you how you spend your time and how healthier you are. 

You can get grounded and improve your mood through vibrations and sound therapy. 

Even in gyms, more holistic classes will be offered that connect the mind and body for total wellbeing. 

Various tech giants like Pinterest are getting into the mental health business by offering “pins” with mantras, breathing exercises, and meditations for browsers.

Circadian Health

People are looking beyond the matter of hours of sleep to get a sense of the quality of their rest. 

Research has found that circadian rhythms can play a role in one’s health. 

A person’s circadian rhythms are influenced by their environment, especially the light.

 In the near future, devices will flood the market that filter out blue light from screens on tablets, mobiles, and personal computers, which interferes with sleep the most. 

The workplace will see more of these devices, as growing research confirms a link between them and productivity. 

There are also sleep-tracking devices on the way that can change your light from blue to white, control your room temperature, play soothing music, monitor your sleep, suggest strategies for relaxing, and soon might release a relaxing scent.

Getting Lymphatic Health

Lymphatic health will be integrated into more treatments including beauty treatments and bodywork. 

A lymphatic system is a drainage network throughout the body that removes waste from cells that may cause diseases. 

Now look for lymphatic drainage to extend to facials and popular trends like dry brushing, foam rolling and specific exercise programs such as trampoline classes and dynamic stretching to eliminate waste.

Renewing interest in nature

Because people spend more time at home, they are becoming more interested in nature. 

Many people invest in indoor plants to create what’s known as “COVID gardens.” 

It is said that plants provide a sense of companionship and help clean the air. 

Consumers have displayed shifts in behavior with a greater affinity toward biking, hiking, and other nature-focused activities. 

The local trend will continue, with nature destinations that are easily accessible by car becoming more popular.

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