Why These Top 5 Wellness Brands Are Great Kick Start For Your Fitness Journey?

Ultimately, making your choices on the right platform may lead you to the right track.

If you are so keen on your fitness, diet or wellness desires, then you must know everything about these top 5 fitness brands to make progress.

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1. VMax (Since 2019) _Founder: Mr. VIGNESH PRABAKARAN

VMax is a fitness-oriented organization which has a goal of transforming a million people lifestyle fit & healthy around the globe. VMax Fitness formed with the vision to encourage and inspire people to adopt a healthy lifestyle. It?s not like other training apps run with an AI interface. It?s totally authorized and organized by professional & skilled trainers.

Don?t lose hope if you don’t see the results in spite of working so hard, work smart was the service they provide with young & enthusiastic trainers with skilled & professional nutritionist & dieticians? hopes to eradicate most of the lifestyle diseases caused by obesity like Diabetes, Heart diseases, Thyroid, Blood Pressure, Depression, PCOD and some types Of Cancers. VMax has designed several fitness programs with the Same Goal. Join VMax, Your holistic wellness partner.

2. Zwagg Fitness (Since 2013) _Founder: Poornima Viswanathan

Zwagg fitness is an organization which was centralized through online. It is an online based fitness organization. When you get started it leads to WhatsApp to have a contact to understand your needs.   The goal is to transform people into fit.  All their fitness services & programs were based online.

Everything from start to the end, that means food chart to weight gain & loss. No person-to-person contacts but through WhatsApp. Everyone is now using WhatsApp so it was simple & a good structure to understand the needs of the people. It has minimal programs but a good choice to maintain Fitness, if you are looking for a change & transformation you need to look at other 4.

3. Cult.Fit (Since 2016) _Founder: Mukesh Bansal

Cult.fit is an equipment based organization which has Gyms around the nation. It first established its center in Bangalore. Now it has over 130 centers around the nation. They were posting for home workouts too as they claim. These gyms are quite expensive compared to others. They market that their gym centers are made for Fit & fun.

Quite expensive though they provide some added benefits with membership like personal trainer & showers. As all gyms there is some elite plans with personal trainer, group packs with assigned trainer. Like other two it was not totally digitized & of course available only in India though but gyms are one of best in choices but pricey. 

4. FITTR (Since 2015) _Founder: Sonal Singh

FITTR is a fitness community that has more than 2.5 million members. It’s more like a group of people. FITTR differs from others because it is not much of a training system. It?s more like a guiding organization. Yaa, its basic formation is like you register with your contact and time of call to schedule. Then the FITTR assigned trainer will call you to speak about your goals, diets, and medical issues.

He can guide you through his experience in fitness to achieve your goal. It can be useful to those who have some experience in fitness but for beginners? In weekly basis, the coach will track you in progress & motivates you to transform. It?s more of guidance not much of training. Peoples with experience can give a try.

5. Possible.In (Since 2012) _Founder: Megha More

Possible is more of a health consultant company. Their vision is to transform the lives of 10 million people by helping them fight against Lifestyle Diseases. It handles diet plans, Nutritional deficiencies. Their goal is to help people who are affected by poor health, high blood sugar, high cholesterol and heart diseases due to careless food habits or not maintaining a good diet. 

Runs through android application can be beneficial anytime. Physicians are also available for health related queries. If your goal is to get healthy & Fit, this is not for your option you may try other three but you are not much of a fitness with workout type, give a try. They follow a term food is medication & healthy medication is Food. Not much for transformation but can maintain good Health.

Finally the investment is you and your time. Efficient use of time and yourself yields results in your progress. Better be yourself to choose the best and start your fitness journey to lead a healthy life and lifestyle.

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