6 wedding apps that will help you in planning for your big day

wedding apps

Happy and sad moments are a part of life. But of course, happy moments stay to be the one we cherish forever. These moments are linked with the events that happen in our life. Few events are the ones we dream and plan about since our childhood. Among all of them, the wedding is that event we get very excited about every time we think of it. In today?s world, we get to see people going for new wedding trends. Wedding planners have become the busiest people as everyone wants one for their wedding. But everyone cannot afford a wedding planner. Then what should one do in such a scenario? An easy solution to this is to go for the wedding applications. 

There are several applications available on your app store.  We are not sure if you need a best couple tracking app after your wedding but a wedding application is a must have app while planning your wedding. These wedding applications let you plan your whole wedding. From your dress, menu, guests to your wedding cake, these applications manage it all. Read about the best wedding applications that will help you in planning your big day below. 

Bride Book:

To-do lists are real saviors for many of us. The reason behind this is that one feels relieved after penning down the things they need to get done somewhere and then ticking the done task out of the list. When one makes daily to-do lists then I am sure one would love to make one such list for his or her wedding day too. Bride Book is a wedding application that allows you to make a list of the things you need to get done for your wedding day. You can also add tasks of your choice. Bride book also connects you with local wedding suppliers that will benefit you in getting a full estimated budget for your wedding day. 

Appy Couple:

How many times have you forgotten to invite your close friends or family people to a wedding? This happens a majority of the time and ends in you being guilty in front of the person you forgot to invite. Appy Couple is a wedding application and the problem solver you are looking for. Guest sorting software would be the correct way to define what this application does. It can be used for both the purposes that are sending digital invites and keeping a checklist of the guests. You can tick the physical guests from the list you made on this application. Other than this, send digital invites through this application to the people you couldn?t invite physically. You can also keep the guest updated through this app by entering their details that will automatically send all the event details to your guests. 


The Internet is a very good place if we make good use out of it. You get to know and relate to so many people through it. Ideas and inspiration are the two most important things that can also be taken through the internet. Pinterest is not specifically a wedding application but can offer many ideas that will help you in giving an outlook about the kind of things you need to buy for your wedding day. From tablecloth to the wedding dress, everything can be planned by taking ideas from this application. Worried about how a beige color carpet would look with white curtains? Just search about the combination on Pinterest and get to see how it looks.  

Table Plan:

The excitement that one gets from the idea of the wedding can be turned into worry and nervousness when one starts thinking about its planning. You need to take care of all the minor and major details while planning your wedding. One task that remains to be the difficult one among all the tasks is allotting tables to the guests and sticking printed papers on the chairs and tables for identity. The table plan is a wedding planning app that helps you with the seating plan. All that you gotta do is feed the names on the application of all the guests invited and drag and drop the names to the tables. On the wedding day, you just need to put number cards on each table and then check the guests assigned to that table through this application.   

Knot wedding lookbook:

When it comes to our own wedding there are many things that we need to plan and purchase. One time where we are excited about our big day at that time only we are worried that if things will go as per our plan or not. The way we style the hair or the dress we want makes one feel nervous. Well, selecting the wedding dress always remains to be the most difficult task. The bride always has few designs on her mind but the process of visiting many shops just to buy that one dress takes a lot of time. Here comes the role of applications like the Knot wedding lookbook. This application has several designs of bridal dresses. You can select that one design for your wedding dress you are looking for among the more than 100 designs available. Other than this there is a list and information about the boutiques too. First, select the design you want and then the boutique you want it from, and then easily book your appointment through this app.


All of us feel the need to sort out the pictures received from many different sources and store them at one place after every event. Just imagine the number of people you will receive pictures from if the event is your own wedding. It seems to be difficult to keep all your solos and duo pictures with your friends and family at one place. Here comes the wedding application named WedPics. You have to create a collection on this application first. After that everyone can drop the pictures they took in that collection. Access to the collection can be given by providing them the account URL. This is the best way to not miss out on the photos the guests took on their phones. 

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