Ways To Maximize Storage in Your Kitchen

Get A Bookshelf

Sounds weird? But it is effective. A large, partitioned bookshelf with a glass door can keep a lot of things. From crockeries to snacks and containers, it will create a lot of space in your kitchen. You can buy wired or see-through containers to make them even more useful. You can efficiently put snacks, crockery, glassware, and other stuff in it.

Add More Shelves

The space beside that large refrigerator of yours is unused. What about using it? How? Install a temporary shelf. You can use it for keeping light stuff like spice jars, small containers, etc.

When you look around, you will find that there are many empty walls. There is the backsplash, the area around the kitchen door, etc. Hire a professional for kitchen remodel in La Jolla?and create intelligent spaces in your kitchen.

Allow A Single Bowl Sink

Do you have those modern-looking double bowl sinks in mind? Get rid of the idea. Why? Because once installed, you will see that they take up half of the kitchen counter. Thus, go for a single bowl sink and use the rest of the space smartly.

Also, you can get a custom-made chopping board the size of your sink. So, when you are cooking, you can place the chopping board on it and use the sink space as well, leaving the rest of the counter only for keeping other ingredients.

Get Roll Outs for Your Kitchen

Are the base cabinets a problem in your kitchen? They are deep and dark, and it takes great effort to reach the back and retrieve stuff. You even forget you stored something important in them. To ease it out. Install rollouts. They are easy to pull out and help in organizing a lot.

Install Additional Shelf Inside Cabinets

The upper cabinets hold so much stuff, but the space remains unorganized and unutilized if you don?t have dividers or shelves inside. The things will pile up only so high, and the upper part of the cabinet will be unutilized. So, install divider shelves and use the space intelligently.

Install Hooks Around the Kitchen

Are those numerous mugs taking up an entire drawer or cabinet in your kitchen? It?s time to remove them. No, no. Not out of your kitchen, but get them out and hang them on wall spaces. Vacuum hooks do wonders. They are easy to install and can carry up to a few kgs. So, you can hang grocery bags and large pans on them.

The Inside of Cabinet Doors

Yes, these spaces can also help declutter your kitchen. For example, you can install mini-wired shelves here and store small containers and snacks here.

Get Pantry Organizers

Yes, pantry organizers are life savers. These boxes come in all sizes, from mega-size to small-size fridge organizers. To make up more space, you can have a closet in the kitchen. Couple them with pantry baskets, and you will find lots of space in your kitchen. Consult a professional for kitchen remodel in La Jolla and learn if a closet is a good idea for your kitchen.

Bracket Kit and Microwave

Bracket kits are the solution if you don?t have a built-in microwave and it?s cluttering your counter. This way, your microwave can be mounted on the wall, and the counter can be cleared.

Final Words

When it comes to organizing the kitchen, you must find out the troublemakers. First, what is not fitting in? Then, remove those elements, even if they include age-old utensils and containers you no longer need. Yes, aesthetics is important, but functionality is more important. So, don?t hesitate to use all the available spaces.

If you need professional help, consult?kitchen remodel services in La Jolla for details.

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