Ways to Choose the Best Coffee Beans for Espresso

No doubt! Best coffee beans give you the best taste of coffee. But selection of the high-quality coffee beans is a bit difficult. Although, it is an overwhelming job. A pack of selected quality roasted coffee tastes good and refreshing when you take a first sip of the brew. 

A nice cup of coffee is the first drink to start the day for most people. However, if you have bad-tasting coffee, this will keep disappointed for the rest of the day. And of course, a good one will keep your day charming. 

So, here is the guide to selecting the best coffee bean for you.

1. Know Your Taste: Understanding your preferences is a great way to find the right beans. Even if you want something new, knowing your preferred blend, brand, and flavor help determine quickly. As a coffee owner, you can select beans based on your customer preferences, so that it will boost your coffee sales. 

2. Find Types of Different Beans: Coffee beans are available in different types, depending on the brewing process. There are mainly four types of coffee: 

  • Robusta: In this type of coffee bean, the percentage of caffeine is 2.5%. It has a bit bitter taste, which makes it preferable among customers who prefer strong-flavored coffee. Grocery stores also keep this type. There is nothing like Robusta coffee beans flavored with chocolate and rum.
  • Arabica: It is the most popular type of coffee bean and is commonly used by everyone around the world. It has a delicate sweet flavor and is less acidic due to growing in hilly locations with considerable rainfall. When use with hot milk or cream, it tastes great.
  • Liberica: Liberica coffee bean is one of the rarest beans available that need a specific climate to grow into an authentic fruit. The flower-enriched taste makes it more delicious than other types. 
  • Excelsa: This coffee bean belongs to the Liberica family, but it forms a distinct type that has a unique fruit flavor, which is perfect to make for both light and dark roast coffees.

3. Check the Coffee Roast: Have you tasted raw coffee beans? Raw coffee beans don?t have the same aroma of coffee when it is ready; the flavor of green coffee beans is like green pepper. Coffee tastes flavorful after it is roasted. However, there are two types of roasting:

  • Light: Go for light-colored and dry beans if you prefer a smooth and less bitter taste. They are roasted for a short period.
  • Dark: Choose dark roasts that take more time to roast if you love the strong and pungent taste. 

 4. Amount of Caffeine You Want: Drinking strong coffee doesn’t mean that it has a high caffeine percentage. When beans are roasted for a long time, their size and weight change. Thus, caffeine levels also reduce with a time of roasting. However, among all types of coffee beans, Robusta contains a high level of caffeine as Robusta plants are cultivated in harsh weather. Due to its high heat resistance, it needs to be roast light and offer a stronger brew. 

5.?Blended or Single Coffee:?Single-origin coffee beans are usually sourced from a location or country. They are mostly grown in specific climates, regions, and micro-conditions. Single-origin beans need to be roasted lightly. It will give you a unique flavor.?

On the other hand, blended coffee comes from more than one location. A roaster will typically blend different coffee beans from diverse areas to get a harmonic mixture of smoothness, taste, and scent. It will give you chocolate, lemon, hazelnut, and other flavors. Love to try a variety of coffee flavors, and then choose blended coffee.

 6Choose from Washed or Unwashed: Washed beans or wet-processed are produced by removing the outer pulp of the cherry before being fermented, washed, and dried. This process gives a delicious flavor and complex acidity.

Unwashed or naturally processed coffee beans are dried with cherry pulp. It has a sweet taste and spectacular flavor because the sugar and flesh of fruit penetrate the seed.  


Buying the best coffee beans will help you to have a good start?to your day. To find the perfect coffee flavor and aroma, you may have to experiment with different types of beans. When you visit the nearest shop, use these steps to find the ideal coffee beans and try experimenting until you get your perfect choice.

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