Top 8 Trends to Consider for a Waterfront Wedding

Waterfront Wedding

Beach weddings have long been a popular choice for couples. Many of them find that a waterfront location possesses a unique romantic ambiance perfect for the occasion. 

Plus, these days, with the mobility restrictions the world is dealing with, health officials say that for those who want to wed despite social limitations, the best venues are outdoor ones. Outdoor sites allow air to circulate properly, and it’s bound to be much easier to practice social distancing in an open location.

If you have always wanted a waterfront wedding, you have clearly made a smart choice. So, to ensure your outdoor wedding goes without a hitch, you had better start planning now. 

And when it comes to beach weddings, there is an abundance of creative ideas to consider. You may want to make a note of them, especially if you want your wedding to serve as the opportunity for the people you care about to forget the unusual circumstances of these times momentarily.

To make planning easier, here are eight of the top beach wedding trends to get you started.

1. Let nature be your decor.

Even if you have a generous budget, you may want to direct most of that toward more essential elements of the event such as the food, entertainment, and your wedding dress than on the decorations. A beach doesn’t really need a lot to look nice; it’s already a naturally beautiful location. Avoid the urge to make it look like something it’s not.

Wedding venue designers say, make use of what’s readily available at the beach such as driftwood, rocks, and hire a sand sculptor, if you want to fancy things up a bit. 

2. Use a mix of seat styles, colors, and sizes for comfort and function.

Opt for an eclectic mix of seating solutions. Don’t be afraid to use different styles and colors of chairs. Scatter them around artistically and strategically in front of the pulpit for the ceremony or around the wedding table for the reception.

Wedding planners say this trend is quite popular among the boho or hippie-chic crowd because it gives the event the feel of a community gathering where interested folks can just bring out their own chairs to be a part of the occasion.

3. Go for a no-cake wedding cake.

If you are keen on breaking a few traditions, then consider a no-cake wedding cake. Basically, what you?ll have is a tower of sweets that are anything but cake. It can be a pyramid of donuts, a cream puff tree, or a tower of French macarons.

Opting for these non-cake alternatives is a fantastic way to make the “cake” easily shareable with everyone, which is perfect if you want a more laid-back wedding.

4. Have food bars instead of full-service catering.

Food bars can make the wedding a more socially engaging affair because your guests are in full control of what they will eat. Also, lining up for food opens the opportunity for conversations (even if people are maintaining some distance from each other).

Likewise, with food bar fares such as rice rolls, seafood aperitifs, and other kinds of finger food, guests don’t need to confine themselves to their designated tables. They can enjoy the relaxed outdoor setting thoroughly, which means you and your partner can also go about being the hosts of the event more conveniently.

5. Make sure to have more fun under the sun.

If you will be renting a beach club party venue, you surely will be getting a lot of space to work with. Therefore, maximize the enjoyment that you can have for the occasion. 

Beach weddings are supposed to be chill yet fun, so incorporate a lot of activities such as beach games like a scavenger hunt, sand skee ball, ring toss, and even volleyball. Or, provide your guests with kite kits and have them fly kites. 

With these activities worked into the day’s plans, for sure, everybody will have a blast, and considering these times, such moments of laughter are genuinely going to be appreciated.

6. Arrive in extravagant style.

If you have no issue decking out for the day, how about letting your arrival as the bride be as memorable as possible? Aside from wearing a gloriously beautiful designer wedding gown, another way to do that is to hire a seaplane that will dock at the wedding location.

Coincidentally, you can hire a seaplane for such a purpose in Abu Dhabi, and you can even get your parents to come along for the ride. The seaplane ride will not only allow you to arrive in style, but it’s also an opportunity to have a bit of quality time with your folks before they officially give your hand in marriage.

If you’re not keen on a seaplane ride, you can choose to arrive on a boat or a fancy beach carriage.

7. Create a beach lounge for the reception.

The beach lounge is a beach wedding trend that Martha Stewart highly recommends. A beach lounge is another way to make everybody feel more relaxed and social on your wedding day. 

If you are having the wedding at a beach club, you can request hammocks, woven carpets, and lounge chairs to be installed in your reception location. 

8. Commission food trucks or carts to provide cold treats.

Hire food trucks to provide the day’s cold treats such as ice cream, Slurpees, popsicles, smoothies, and even ice coffee. Support local businesses that offer these and keep everybody cool and happy with a fun variety of cold treats.

These are eight trends that can help you pull off a truly creative beach wedding. You can pick a few of them to implement, or use them all and add even more. For beach weddings, you don’t really have a lot of limitations, so explore all the possibilities.

Choose Your Beach Right

With some beaches, it’s easier to carry out intricate plans because there’s already an established setup you can work with. Therefore, if you want a smoother execution of your lovely plans for the big day, perhaps consider beach clubs that cater to weddings. They will have services prepared and can also connect you with other vendors or service providers.

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Chiara Bisignani is the F&B Marketing Executive at Saadiyat Beach Club. She oversees website maintenance, PR requests, marketing initiatives and all general guests’ enquiries for the company’s destinations of KOI Restaurant & Lounge, Boa Steakhouse and Caramel Restaurant and Lounge in Abu Dhabi.

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