Water Purifier- Best Way To Drink Pure Water

drink pure water

A water purifier is one of the best devices to get contamination-free water, irrespective of the water source. In India, almost all the freshwater sources are heavily contaminated, and consumption of contaminated water leads to various kinds of health issues. Thus Indian’s are highly recommend drinking treated water. According to the UN reports, India’s ranking is 120 among 122 nations.

A water purifier is based on modern and advanced water purification technology and can eliminate all kinds of water contamination, whether microbial and total dissolved salts. Although there are various other water purification technologies, not all are as good as a water purifier; thus, a water purifier is widely used and acceptable.

With the advancement in technology, a water purifier is also getting advanced; that is why water purifiers’ importance has increased in the recent past. A water purifier not only focuses on eliminating water impurities but also improves the taste of the water; thus, if you are concerned about your drinking water quality, then immediately install the best water purifier at your home.

Technology Used In Water Purifier

A water purifier is based on various kinds of advanced technology. Still, here we have listed a few crucial technologies that can bring 100% pure and healthy water irrespective of the water source. These technologies are

?       Reverse Osmosis

It is one of the widely used water purification technologies used to reduce the high concentration of TDS present in the water. Although it also eliminates some microbes from the water. In this technology, water is allowed to pass through a semipermeable membrane at high pressure. This membrane contains several tiny pores that do not allow the water impurities to pass through it. It means that a water purifier based on reverse osmosis (RO) technology removes water pollutants based on their molecular size.

?       Ultra-Filtration Technology

This firm water purifier is used to eliminate the microbial contamination present in the water. In the Ultraviolet rays (UV) water purifier, a UV rays elimination lamp is used to kill or suspend the microbes’ growth present in water. A UV ray’s high penetration capability thus penetrates the microbial cells and destroys their genetic material. As a result, the microbes present in

water lose their ability to increase and grow. This water purifier is not able to eliminate other forms of water pollutants.

Importance Of Pure Drinking Water

Water is the need of all the people living on the earth as it helps in almost all the body’s functions like removing body waste, digestion, blood circulation, and various others. Thus people need to consume sufficient amounts of water daily regularly.

But all the time you drink water, make sure that your water is safe and contamination-free. For this, you need to have the best water purifier. To get the best water purifier, deal with the Aquagurd customer Care of your area.


Having a water purifier at your doorstep ensures that you will get 100% pure and healthy without issues and irrespective of the water source. There are various kinds of water purifiers in the Indian market. Thus, people need expert advice to get the best water purifier; otherwise, they will buy the wrong product. Thus contact Aquaguard customer care before you make payment.

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