4 Different Types of Water Purification Technologies

Planning to buy the new water purifier for your home or office? Searched the whole market and now confused which one you must pick? Most brands commit themselves to be the best in the market. This makes the selection process more confusing and difficult for a buyer. There are different types of water purifier with varying technologies, components, prizes, and other factors. 

In this post, you will learn about different types of advanced water purification technologies that are widely used for filtering domestic water. 

RO Purification

RO stands for Reverse Osmosis removes all the harmful bacteria and viruses from the water to make it healthy. Besides viruses, this technology also eliminates dangerous metals and dissolved salts, and filters out all the impurities – suspended and visible such as dirt, mud, rust, etc to make it completely safe for drinking purpose. Since it requires high water pressure, an additional water pump is used in this water purification technology. The leading water purifier service center is also available in the market for timely, repair, and maintenance of RO purifiers.  

UV Purification

UV an acronym of Ultraviolet is a water purification technology that uses ultra-violet light to kill microbes, germs, cysts, bacteria, and other harmful particles from the water. The major problem with this purifier is that it kills the bacteria and virus, but their dead bodies still remain in the water. Further, it does not remove the harmful metals and dissolved salts. 

UF Purification

UF or Ultra Filtration is a water purifier that does not require electricity to work. It does not need high water pressure as it works with normal tap water pressure. Just like RO purifier, it also removes harmful bacteria and viruses from the water, but it does not work in eliminating the dissolved salts, visible & suspended impurities, and dangerous metals. 

MF Purification

MF (Micro Filtration) is another water purification technology that also does not require electricity to filter the water. It is much similar to UF purification as it also works with normal tap water pressure and filters out visible and suspended impurities. Unfortunately, it removes only bacteria not the viruses. 

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