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If you’re looking for the best animated bible movies for children, then look no further than Pixar’s newest offering, Cars. This film has proven to be very popular among both old and young viewers, and rightfully so. Aside from the great story and acting, it’s also got a lot of other things going for it as well. So, what makes this film one of the best? Well, we’ll list a few of our favorites below…

While Cars is certainly the best animated film in the pipeline, there are a few others that might make your list. Of course, you need to be extremely careful about which biblical movie you decide to watch with your children. After all, not everything made by Disney is going to be true to the original story, after all. So, to find out which movies would actually do more justice as some of today’s best biblical stories for children, read on.

  • First in the list of animated bible movies for children sell, in which the main characters, a pair of twins, flee from their native land and journey across the sea. They encounter problems along the way and are forced to fend for themselves while learning about the things of the Egyptians. The plot involves a rise of Egyptians against the Jews, who are allied with the Gentiles. At the end of their journey, the twins meet up with the ark of the Jews and take their place as the co-captains of the boat.
  • Next in the list of animated bible movies for children is Mufi, a story about a young girl who is abandoned at a foster home. She soon discovers a secret passage beneath her home, and along with her newfound friends, learns that she has magical powers. As she begins to learn more about herself, she realizes that she is the daughter of a Lineage of Witches. From there, she must learn to control her magic, while trying to help those around her through her own personal crisis. Because of the unique storyline, Mufi manages to combine a bit of fairy-tale magic with a bit of teenage angst, making it a fun and exciting film for children to enjoy.
  • Another great animated bible for children that covers the events surrounding the crucifixion and life of Jesus Christ is Anansi Boys: The Last Temptation. This is the third in the Anansi series, which takes place during the life of Jesus. The movie is very thought-provoking and offers up many different interpretations of the events surrounding the life of Christ, including a look at how his followers turned against him at the last moment.
  • The third part in the animated bible series takes place during the Second Century. During this period, the Romans had become rivals of the Jews, and they rounded up and killed all the males of the Jewish community. Among these men, one escaped to Egypt with his father, where he lived with his sister, mother, and his two sons. As a consequence, when his father dies, the three younger sons take over and are told to keep the Jews from their temple. However, they are stopped by Jesus, who sends his only son, Joseph, to guard the holy temple. The three boys eventually fall in love with each other, but they are saved by the Roman general, who captures the brothers and throws them into prison.

Animated adaptations of historical and biblical stories are truly some of the best films on DVD available. They offer the best definition and quality in terms of animation. Some of these movies include the well-known films King Kong, Excalibur, and Finding Nemo. They are highly recommended by critics, and are the highest selling animated movies of all time. Some of the best animated bible stories are also among the best-selling comic books of all time.

The best biblical movies are also among the best running time movies as well. In order to entertain both children and adults, these animated bible stories are presented in high definition and with original music. There are many different runs of the bible stories, including the book of Ruth, the book of Esther, the book of Nehemiah and the famous movies such as Birth of a Nation, The Ten Commandments, and The Bible.

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