A Comprehensive Guide to VPS Hosting in UAE

Just like every single person needs a house to live on this earth; similarly, every website needs web hosting to survive online.

Consider this web hosting as an equivalent to internet real estate, where you can keep all your websites data securely.

Not having any server means no online presence for your business. The web servers come in 3 variants: Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting and Dedicated Hosting.

Shared hosting is popular because of low price but doesn’t provide much benefit other than price. In contrast, dedicated hosting is costly as well as operates only on selected operating systems and software.

So what’s remaining?

VPS Hosting?


VPS stands for Virtual Private Server, which provides fully private space to host your websites and their contents in one place. Fully private means no other person can access either your space or your resources allocated dedicatedly to you only.

Further in this article, I will discuss how VPS Hosting works, when and why you should choose VPS Hosting, how to decide on VPS Hosting providers, and a suggestion from whom you should buy VPS Hosting in UAE.

How Does VPS Hosting Work?

VPS Hosting works on Virtualization Technology which divides one physical server into many private servers.

Each VPS server UAE is further allocated dedicatedly to one individual person, which he/she can use the way he/she wants. No other person gets a right to share either your space or resources.

What does this exactly mean?

This means every website will get its own CPU, Storage, RAM, Security and bandwidth for its personal use only without fear of sharing them with external websites.

When & Why Should You Choose VPS Hosting?

Let’s first discuss when should you choose VPS Hosting

  • When your website starts demanding more storage, scalability, independence, and security as it has exceeded the architectural and resource limit of shared hosting.
  • When you want to install apps and software that aren’t available with shared hosting.
  • When you want to use your own Operating System and software.
  • When you need server’s root access
  • When you are day to day dealing with sensitive data and processing monetary transactions.
  • When your website is experiencing high traffic fluctuations.
  • When you want to experiment and test your software development on a private server. 
  • When you want to use public WiFi with your own VPN.

Well, there are several reasons to choose VPS UAE but here have provided only a few:

  • If you are interested in developing games or software or are either a webmaster or a reseller or run resource-intensive websites, VPS Hosting is the best choice.
  • VPS boosts the performance of your website to allow  visitors to enjoy fast loading times.
  • VPS allows you an option to choose and scale resources according to your website’s requirement.
  • With UAE VPS, you need not maintain a server on your own; your web host will handle this part altogether.
  • Unlike Shared Hosting, the activities or actions of other websites owners will not affect your working environment.

How Should You Decide on a VPS Hosting Provider in UAE?

When you want to decide on VPS Hosting Provider, there are so many factors that you can seek to evaluate. Combining them and seeing them as a complete package, you can get an idea of whether the host you are looking for is suitable for your needs.

Let’s see what they are

1.   Server Uptime

Uptime is the best way to check or measure the reliability of VPS Hosting. It is generally evaluated in terms of percentage. Before buying Cheap VPS Hosting UAE, just see how much Uptime the host is providing. If the host is offering 99% Uptime, then it means after one month, your web server, on average, will go down by not more than 7 hours.

The server time is equally essential for the user as well as search ranking.

Ensure the web hosting company you choose provides guaranteed higher Uptime in their Terms of Service.

2.   Speed

Most people mistake web server speed with web page speed. First, understand that web server speed is not the same as the web page speed.

The Web Server speed is rated on the basis of how long your web hosting server takes time to respond to a query, whereas web page speed can be improved by making some tweaks on the website itself. The web server speed completely relies on your web host only.

3.   Managed or Unmanaged

Because of its technical nature, VPS Hosting comes in 2 choices:

Managed VPS Hosting

Unmanaged VPS Hosting

The one who has the least technical knowledge can opt Managed VPS hosting plan, whereas the one who wants to handle all technical things on his/her own can opt for Unmanaged VPS hosting.

Managed VPS hosting gives an advantage of technical upkeep by the web host so that one can devote maximum time to building and growing a business.

4.   Cost

Many companies say that they provide the cheapest VPS Hosting plans but do they provide the same quality services as the other top dollar web hosts offer?

Never get trapped by the Cheap VPS Plans strategy; use your brain while deciding on a price.

Remember, the cheaper the plans are the indication of cost-cutting somewhere either in resources or services.

So be careful!

5.   Customer Support

Customer support is the most important area to consider when it comes to VPS Hosting as no one likes to wait long to troubleshoot small or significant issues.

So before signing up for services, see what channels the web host team provide to get in touch. Since ticketing is somewhat typical, web host companies usually use 24 hours of phone support, live chat, knowledge base, etc.

6.   Backup

Backup is the utmost need of every website. So make sure the web host company you are looking for have a backup in place. Though almost all companies offer backups, you need to ensure what range of service they will provide you.

For example, frequency of carrying out data backups, period of the data retention period, simplicity level of restoring data from backup, whether automated or not, is customized scheduling option available, and much more. The more options will be, the better will be the plan.

Buy VPS Hosting in UAE via Serverwala to get maximum benefits at an affordable price.

Serverwala is one of the industry-renowned and trusted UAE based VPS Hosting provider. Its Linux and Windows technology VPS Hosting plans and packages provide quality services including 99.99%Uptime, unlimited bandwidth, Monthly 20 TB Data Transfer, Full Root Access, 1GBPS Network Speed, DDoS protection and 24/7 customer support to improve the performance of your site.

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I Hope, this article gave you the most useful information you were looking for about VPS Hosting in UAE. So, no matter whom you choose but make sure whenever you are ready to buy VPS Hosting Plan, you follow all the criteria to find the best VPS Hosting Provider in UAE.  

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