What Changes are made for 2022 Volkswagen Golf GTI and its Price?

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The Golf GTI is one of the best models from Volkswagen that has gained praise from people all over the world. The 2022 Volkswagen Golf GTI is a hatchback vehicle that is ideal for driving in cities as well as on highways. Before rushing off to Seaside Volkswagen dealership just go through changes made in the new version along with its price and other details.�

2022 Golf GTI changes 

This is the eight-generation Golf of storied nameplate. Its evolutionary styling along with superior design has led people towards booking this vehicle. It comes loaded with technology and performance enhancers. 

The exterior portion comes with LED headlights which have been designed to be sleeker along with a stylish lower grille that comes with integrated fog lights into mesh. Also, changes can be seen in the interior, which comes with upscale upholstery and upgraded features. Such changes include standard dual digital screens and a redesigned dashboard. 

Also, the new turbo engine now provides 13 more horsepower and 15 more lb-ft of torque. In addition, manual transmission comes as a standard option. Also, this vehicle will be up for sale in the last quarter of this year and you should pre-book this vehicle as soon as it starts. For any other changes or other info, contact Volkswagen dealer Salinas.�

Some other details 

The engine for this car is a turbocharged 2L that will provide drivers with 241-hp and 273 lb-ft torque. Though a 6-speed is a standard option for the 2022 Golf GTI, people can opt for the other dual-clutch option that is a 7-speed automatic.  

In straight line, this GTI is much quicker than its earlier version due to its slip differential that is electronically controlled. Apart from this, its suspension system has also been upgraded to the point that it offers an even better and smoother ride on rough roads. 

Price details and variants 

For the 2022 version, Volkswagen decided to offer just three trims to potential buyers of this vehicle. The base model is �S� and it costs $30,540. The mid-tier segment involves �SE� variant that costs $35,290. Lastly, the high-end model �Autobahn� is priced at 38,990. 

You can choose either of the models as each version is remarkable and is the reason why Volkswagen sells Golf GTI more than any other vehicle globally. People are advised to get the SE option at least to get certain features as standard options. However, if you have no issue spending $39,000 approximately, then Autobahn is what you need. It comes loaded with features and other details that will impress any individual. 

Changes made for the 2022 model are given above and you know what to look for when you visit the dealership. The changes made are what make this version even better than its predecessors.  

Therefore, you need to now decide what variant you will buy and in which color. It is a car which you will love driving as it is fun to drive and the experience will be pleasing to you as well as the passengers. 

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