Vivo, a renowned technology company in the world, has launched a brand new and lucrative smartphone called Y21 from its well-known young oriented Y series.

The phone is loaded with the ability to capture professional quality images, and also powerful user experience.

It comes with 4GB of RAM and 1GB extended RAM, a massive battery of 5000mAh, 13MP primary camera, and 18W Fast Charge is what allows the Y21 to offer a superior experience for the young by providing them with a powerful camera for taking pictures that have perfect clarity and sharpness.

We are just specifically discussing this model.Although there are a bunch of varieties in upcoming mobiles.

The phone was designed by the vivo team of highly talented designers. It has a comfortable and well-fitting grip, stylish appearance and a remarkable performance that is in line with the demands of the tech-savvy, creative and trendy youth. Let’s review of this Y21 experience to find out the details about this experience:

Battery and Fast-Charge for a Relentless Experience

Smartphone makers recognize the necessity of the moment and have incorporated essential features that allow the phone to be compatible with the hectic modern lifestyle of the young. To meet the needs of youth’s needs, vivo has included a powerful 5000mAh battery that comes with 18W Fast-Charge capability by using it’s Type C charging port for the user experience is smooth and easy.

Furthermore, Y21 comes in handy for gaming with high-end power or streaming music and movies. It comes with 4GB and 1GB of 2nd Gen Extended RAM as well as the MediaTek Helio processor which aids in watching and learning through YouTube and also taking classes online from the comfort of your home during the outbreak. Regarding its massive 64GB of memory it comes with the capacity to expand memory by 1TB by using the additional SD card for users to keep their most-loved files for the duration of time.

The vivo model Y21 comes with an 8.0mm Super Slim body with an on-side-mounted fingerprint scanner which provides a pleasant hand-held experience to the phone and makes it appear stylish and trendy while allowing users to use the device quickly and conveniently.

Although the stunning design of the phone adds significantly to the initial appearance, it grabs attention because it is significantly lighter than the other models. This means that it has decreased the weight of the phone by 10g, and its thickness by 0.4mm that speaks volumes about the quality of vivo’s products.

Additionally, the middle-frame design of the phone is enhanced by the arc, while the edges are constructed to appear at right angles. The phone is also equipped with the most impressive 6.51″ HD+ LCD Halo Display providing an immersive life-like viewing experience as well as amazing photographs.

Effortlessly Chic Clicks Anytime, Anywhere!

The vivo Y21 is equipped with a 13MP main camera that can beautifully flesh every single image in a stunning way. The camera’s high-end specs are complemented by a macro camera of 2MP which focuses on the subject from a distance of four centimetres and magnifies the details of each frame.

To entice selfie-lovers Vivo has incorporated the 8MP camera at the front for clear, high-quality , and crisp selfies any time. The fun doesn’t stop there, the company has also introduced Filter 2.0 which showcases the wide range of colour filters for an enjoyable experience in photography.

In addition, the camera offers a portrait mode which includes a Pose Guide for users. This Pose Guide, built-in with basic poses for photography, aids users to take unforgettable, fun selfies without feeling awkward. The camera also has HDR images to synthesise pictures for keeping the bright and dark areas of the photo, giving it an overall balance.

Vivo is always encouraging its mission and sustaining its commitment for the latest technology available for its customers. The company continues to invent and explore ways to make technology available to all, with its Y series being the best example of this technological innovation.

If you’re seeking for an affordable smartphone that has a large battery, excellent performance, huge storage and ultra-slim design The vivoY21 is an excellent option.

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