Visual Marketing Strategies For Brands In 2021

Are you aware of the power that visual marketing carries in the present digital marketing scenario?

Humans are highly affected by the VISUALS, so are the brands & businesses. From videos, infographics, gifs to even images; all of these are the perfect examples of visual media that suit the marketing strategies of almost every type & size of business.

As per the statistics:

  • In 2021, nearly 70% of marketers trust that ‘Visual Content’ will obtain better business results.
  • Driving 40% of the user engagement for brands, ‘Infographics’ is the most accepted visual content.

Therefore, stats clearly show how much attention garnering Visuals are, as compared to any other form of content marketing.

But to leverage this powerful tool to gain great results for your business, you first need to know how to use it.

As we are going to dive into 2021 soon, here are some of the best visual marketing strategies for brands along with some inspiring examples.

So delve in!

What Is Visual Marketing- A Brief Overview

With the constantly changing trends in content marketing, you need to keep an eye on the new ones like Visual Marketing.

Defined as- “Incorporating attractive videos, alluring images, innovative infographics, and many more into your marketing strategy is popularly known as Visual Marketing.”

There are innumerable benefits as well as possibilities that revolve around visual marketing, therefore marketers are combining fascinating visuals in their marketing strategy. 

Once you start leveraging this content marketing trend, you can allow your customers to visualize your products in a better way, boost audience engagement with visually creative campaigns, increase interactivity with brands, and more.

All these benefits directly affect the buying decisions of your potential customers, hence increasing as per the stats, 80% of marketers use visual marketing strategy in their social media marketing activities.

Best Visual Marketing Strategies For Brands In 2021

Explore all the best visual marketing strategies in the upcoming 2021 that work best with your brand& help youcommunicate with your target audience in a much better way.

#1 Showcase Interactive Infographics

How about showcasing interactive infographics to make users a part of your visual marketing strategy?

Yes, it can be a great way to take the content marketing strategy to the next level. Unlike the flat statistics, these interactive infographics deliver an enticing experience.

For instance, you can create an infographic to highlight the primary features of your brand’s product and explain it in a better way.

In short, Interactive Infographics make it possible for you to communicate even the most complex ideas hassle-free.

#2 Leverage User-Generated Content Marketing

When user-generated content is incorporated into the visual content marketing strategy, it can take your brand promotion to the next level.

Said to be the most crucial element of any visual content marketing strategy, the impact that UGC has on the audiences is huge.

From social media posts, images, videos, testimonials, comments, and more; all these types of content comes under the User-generated Content category.

As UGC is created by users willingly, it becomes the most trustworthy form of brand marketing. Therefore, employing engaging & relevant user-generated visuals that enhance your brand marketing is the right decision to take.

#3 Shoppable Posts to Boost Sales

Bringing the point of inspiration & point of sales together, user-generated ‘Shoppable Posts’ on platforms like Instagram helps you gain the trust of the customers & therefore boost eCommerce sales.

All you have to do is find UGC on social media platforms, tag your products in these social media posts & embed them on your Visual Commerce website.

The best part about Visual Commerce is that customers don’t have to leave the platform in order to buy a product.

If simply put, shoppable posts are the best way to drive traffic, boost engagement & mainly increase sales.

#4 Add Hint of Personalization

What if we ask you to customize your content for specific audiences, especially for Generation Z? Yes, your customers want to feel appreciated & wanted, and therefore creating custom visual content, you can reach your target audience more personally.

For instance, you can add behavior-based personalization to your Emails so that your audience can feel that they’re being personally spoken to.


In a nutshell, putting efforts and time into various visual marketing strategies is just so right for communicating with the right audience creatively. Apart from the aforementioned visual marketing strategies in 2021, there are innumerable other effective ways to help you grow your brand.

To see the amazing results by yourself, make sure you choose the most engaging & innovative visual content to spread your message across the potential audiences.

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