What Are the Benefits of Using a Virtual Private Server?

Virtual Private Server

If you have been thinking about getting a hosting service for your website but do not have a heavy budget to get a dedicated one, then you should definitely look at VPS hosting services.

It offers great benefits just like a small dedicated server but cost just a fraction of it. Choosing a shared hosting can be a choice, but then you are limited with the resources it offers since they are shared with other websites. Here are some of the benefits that you will get if you opt for a VPS hosting:


The biggest benefit of a virtual private server is improved reliability. Since the server is independent of other virtual networks, it doesn?t need to share any of its resources. When it comes to shared hosting, the storage space and other resources are shared with all the websites present on the hosting space.

This makes a virtual private server hosting much more reliable compared to shared hosting. Additionally, traffic and computational power can be impacted by other websites on a shared network. For example, if more than three or four websites on a shared hosting experience heavy traffic, other websites can be affected. Something like this will never happen on VPS hosting.


Unlike shared hosting, where most of the resources such as the disk space, CPU and RAM, are shared between each website on the server, a VPS hosting is entirely dedicated to one website. 

You will have more resources on a VPS hosting than shared hosting, which means your website will be able to handle more traffic and execute more operations at a time.


Since the resources on virtual private servers are entirely dedicated to one website, it will perform much better. Better processing and storage capacity will result in your website loading much quicker compared to a website on a shared web hosting.

With a better-performing website, you will improve your user engagement and boost your rankings on search engines. This would also mean that your website won?t slow down while you are taking backups or executing other processes on your server.


With shared hosting, you have a limited option of what software you can install. But this is not the case when it comes to a virtual private server. You have the freedom to choose what operating system or software you would like to install. 

Root Access

With a virtual private server, you will have root access to your server, which enables you to greater control over your account and how you want to configure it. You can even manage what mobile applications are installed on the server. This is not possible when you have a shared website hosting.

Managed Services

Most of the web hosting providers offer managed VPS hosting, which means they will be taking care of your virtual private server on your behalf. This is beneficial for people who hesitate when it comes to handling servers. 

Additionally, the host will also maintain and update the hardware to continue offering great service, which can be cost heavy if you have to manage a server on your own.

Multiple Domains

Though you can run multiple domains on shared hosting as well, then you will be taking resources from already limited hosting services. With VPS, you have better resources available, which means you can add multiple domains without any issues with the performance.


Your VPS service provider will take care of server monitoring, which ensures that your hosting is protected from threats like hacking, DDoS attacks, and other malware that often occur on the internet.

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