How do you Compare Virtual Classroom Software vs Zoom App Which One Is Better And Why?

    virtual classroom software vs zoom app

    In this fast-paced digital world, people desire everything right at their fingertips in a fraction of seconds. From the booking of taxis to reach a particular destination, to ordering dinner after office hours from the online platform, people?s lives are changing at a rapid pace. Even the top-notch industries are utilizing the advantages of software. One of the industrial segments that is vital for the growth of any nation is education and an online live class platformis changing the face of this sector.

    This technology trend being the latest in the IT segment, is not widely used currently. Many schools are also using other available apps like zoom for making online studies easier for students. Zoom is nothing but a cloud based software that enables ease of teaching by professors in college or teachers at schools Integrated with quality-oriented features such as video conference lets the professors see all students at a time during online teaching.

    But, another wonderful option available for institutes is the tailor-made customized software that is designed as per the requirement of that particular institution. Here, in this post you will know about what you can select as per your preference. During the coronavirus outbreak, many schools have to start online teaching even for the first time. This is the best decision to prevent the virus from spreading to the masses. Ultimately, the health of students is directly linked with the future of any country. Today?s youth are going to shape the future of the nation. That?s why it is vital to keep them healthy. This can be done by helping them enjoy studying from the comfort of their home through a feature-rich software.

    With the launch of an online classroom software, students find it simpler to study at their home while staying safe without the risk of getting infected with the virus. But, the most important question is to know which is the best virtual classroom software or zoom app. Scroll down to know more.

    All about online studies:

    Schools have started online and teachers are preparing themselves for making studies fun through the software on smartphones. Coming towards the zoom app, there are multifarious users who enjoy the benefits of video calling through this application. But, at the time of online learning, students require more benefits so that they can grasp the concept of a lesson which the teacher is teaching.

    In the case of zoom apps, it can be said that schools or colleges cannot fully trust the security concern. In organizations like schools and other educational institutes, data is being sent and received by students, for instance, address, contact details, etc of students. This has led to utilizing the robust platform for running schools through online mediums. Live virtual classroom is more beneficial in this regard. Different institutes can get this platform developed according to their need along with keeping security in usage as the main factor.

    Why choose virtual classrooms over the zoom app?

    1 It is secure to use:

    While developing the virtual classroom app, developers opt for adding good security features so that data of students remains safe and does not go in the hands of hackers. This is not the case with the zoom app and therefore it is risky to use.

    2 Personalized software:

    When the institutions plan to get the online class software developed, they plan adding the features which can be customized by the schools or colleges as per their need. This will eventually enable students to study with the platform wherein they can bring their creative side out in any of the online projects being assigned by teachers. The school or college can plan to add features in the app which will be beneficial for students as well as teachers. Even online exams can be conducted by keeping in mind the ethical process to be followed without cheating.

    3 Teaching as well as getting reviews on teaching is one of the feature:

    Virtual classroom software enables teachers to teach students online and then ask students to provide feedback about the teaching process, if it is good or changes can be done. This feature can work wonders with students of higher grades and colleges. They will be able to tell teachers to include some new concepts for teaching so that it creates fun while studying. Zoom app does not include this particular feature and therefore it is not best for online studying. A customized online class software can have this feature inbuilt according to schools or colleges.

    4 Teachers can make students learn the subject by face to face interaction:

    In case of using the virtual classroom software, students are easily able to see the face of teachers while studying. Moreover, according to the requirements of schools and colleges, customized software can also have the feature for teachers to click on individual student?s cameras to check if they are sleeping or studying. Accordingly, teachers can conduct thrilling activities for teaching students so as to increase their concentration. Teachers can also inform the particular students to pay attention if found sleeping.

    Closing Thoughts:

    Well, now you have got the insight about how virtual classroom software is a much better option than using the zoom app for online teaching. Individual schools can opt for adding the features that they require according to the functioning of college or institutes. This amazing benefit gives an edge to virtual classroom software over the zoom app. Well, the zoom is designed keeping in mind about office meetings online with different employees. In case of teaching, an educational institute must plan to get the online classroom app developed with unique features.


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