7 Virtual Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

virtual birthday party ideas

The real fighters during this pandemic have been the kids. Locked away from their friends and playgrounds, but we will not take their one special day away from them. Their birthday party! Excitement for birthdays get old with age. No more planning for months in advance. No more counting presents. But we�d make it as special as we can for them while the excitement lasts.

Social distancing needs us to adapt to new ways of life. Virtual parties may sound tricky but it isn�t. We will provide you with a myriad of ideas of things you can do for your young one�s birthday.

Video playdate

What is a party without its guests? Make your list and call the parents. If you want to be fancy then sent out paper invitations, contact every one and give them links to your Zoom, FaceTime group, Google Hangout, or Skype call. On the off chance that you sent electronic mail, and want to go green and creative with them we have extraordinary alternatives for youngsters. Multiple free customizable designing apps will give wings to your ideas. Making this invitation might be a fun activity to do with your kids!

Embellish the place up

Try not to avoid this; indeed, go overboard from ones! Decorate the entryway from your birthday boy or girl so that they wake up to a fun surprise. Pick a theme and go for it. In the event that you need motivation, you can find many places to find specifically themed decorations, including Alice in Wonderland, Star Wars, Harry Potter and that’s just the beginning! Ensure the backdrop of your virtual party leaves your guests in awe.

We know not everyone is a party planner. So let us make the job easier for you. Your theme could be entirely virtual as well. Want to make it fun? Select something silly like crazy hats, superheroes, or how about a virtual fancy dress party? And if that is still too much then ask the participants to set the backdrops of their choice (1280 x 720 pixels.)

Escape to the wonderland!

A new concept that might really get the kids off your hands for a bit or even take you to a grand trip yourself is escape rooms. Now, they might sound a bit advanced level of gaming for a bunch of kids but escape rooms are her to your rescue as there are myriads of escape rooms that are specifically targeted towards kids or are inclusive of all ages. A themed room with an exciting storyline where yo get to be a character whithin the story and help solve the mystery through your wit sound like an adventure that covers all the basis for a parent.

Not will you only stimulate their brain cells but also have a unique birthday set up for the rest of the guests. To make this happen one just needs to look up the best suitable escape room for your crowd and connect with the company via their website and reserve a virtual escape experience.

Hire an Entertainer for a Virtual show

We have established so far that staying at home does not mean that you can�t have any fun! Hire talent that will please the kids and can perform via video� a puppeteer, a magician whoever fits their taste the best! Since kids love creative activities and getting messy a class where they can learn to cook or paint and play around will work like a charm as well. Various event management companies provide princess/superhero birthday messages or bedtime stories.

Play Games

Your activities on the web don�t have to restrict themselves to solely paid experiences. Believe it or not, there are still fairly fun games that one can play via video chat. Pictionary, charades, and even Taboo are all games you can easily play virtually. If people don�t own the games, this website will generate words for you to use, and if you�re playing Pictionary, all the guests will need is paper and a marker! Or you can use the zoom �whiteboard� feature to draw some horrendous but fun clues!

Games for your teens

In case you have a teenager they can play some Jackbox games, Ludo, aiming us or other online games; This could also be a fun competition. The winner can get a gift card or a special gift!

Have a Movie Party

Playing board games and cards might be too old school or too much work for a slightly older demographic. They might just want to take a break from school and have a chill time with their friends. They can host a Netflix Party, where everyone can watch the birthday girls/boys� favorite movie together and chat. This can also be a great idea for younger kids if you want to get them busy relaxed. Maybe a simultaneous zoom call would be an easier way for the kids to interact with their friends.

We just can�t let the magic and celebration of birthday die due to the pandemic so we might as well make it a memory they�ll enjoy and cherish!


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