Role of Video Animation in Social Media Marketing

    Video Animation

    You must be trying out various ways to increase your social media engagement but there is one thing you might haven?t tried yet. It is an animated video that you should give priority for engaging your audience. You can easily tell your brand story in a comprehensive manner with an animated video. About 65% of the people learn visually. 

    In fact 90% of transmitted information to the brain is visual. Half of our brain resources are taken up by vision being the dominant sense. Moreover, visual information will be processed 60,000 times faster than the text. The visual content is even easier to perceive and this is the reason why social media content is now shifting towards visuals. 

    About 1/3 of the online activity by people around is spent on video content. Furthermore, about 50% of the consumers seek out more information after they go through a product video. This read is all about how powerful a video animation is in your social media marketing strategy. Just dive in to know!

    It Grabs Audience Attention

    People using the internet with their short attention spans won?t spend a lot of time on a particular content. This is where the animated video comes in that stir up the emotions of the viewer and sparks conversations molding them to know more about your brand. Video animation is a great marketing instrument that is simple yet throws a powerful impact. Animations are different from the traditional noisy ads and grab the actual attention of the audience keeping them hooked up to your video. 

    Complexity Turn into Simplicity 

    Animations have the capability to bring life to your idea in such a way that live videos couldn?t. Using animations you can do anything with your character, there is a complete freedom where you can show what you want to. Using animations you can easily explain various mechanisms and process working regarding your company or products. 

    To create such video animations regarding your brand, you can anytime take the assistance of video animation services online. It changes the most difficult concepts into simple ones where people could easily perceive it. 

    It Makes Nostalgic 

    Animations usually take us back to the time of our childhood and how we used to watch cartoons. When your audience comes across your animated video it makes you nostalgic and that is a powerful emotion. This feeling of nostalgia drives out negative emotions and molds your audience towards the positive side. This is the reason why nostalgic emotion is considered as a productive marketing strategy. 

    It?s a Fit for All

    Animated videos are great as it could be used for almost any purpose. Be it infographics, product explainer videos or the announcement of releasing any product, animated videos are perfect for all purposes. Marketers too are now recognizing this trend. 

    It?s a Cheaper Alternative

    Animated videos are a cheaper yet the powerful alternative to live videos. Video production takes up to thousands of dollars where shooting, props, actors, editors etc builds up the budget. The animated videos on the other hand takes less effort and money to create a captivating animation that is more impactful than a live video. Moreover, the editing processes are also easier in animation. 

    It is Fun

    Animated videos are quite funny. You can deliver your brand story through animations in a much funny and entertaining way. Animation will prevent your audience getting bored rather keep them hooked up with what you want to convey. Also, animations get viral like wildfire across the social media platforms.?

    The Final Thought 

     With all other videos in the saturated marketplace, animations serve as a sixer to grab the audience attention. Boring videos won?t do the trick of engaging the audience. Moreover, many of the consumers around prefer video animations over written content. Animations are great to keep your audience fastened to your content and ultimately increase conversions and lead generations.  

    It even builds the interest of the viewer and molds them to know more about your brand, product or service. Not only this, animations are even great to clarify the audience and build trust among them that ultimately leads to brand loyalty. Furthermore, it gives you a chance to stand out uniquely among your competitors and convince the audience to prefer you over other brands. Who wouldn?t like that? 


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