5 Vibrant US Cities to Start a New Life In

Recent events in our world have left many of us feeling the need for more community and connection. Additionally, many have found ways to earn a living without having to go to an office. If you have the itch to relocate, the cities below could be a great way to start over.

New Orleans

The warehouse district New Orleans was once a ghost town when everyone went home, but it is now a happening spot! Life in this region just north of the Lower Garden District and just west of the Mississippi offers free concerts, terrific restaurants, and ample shopping.

You will also be within easy walking distance of the National World War II Museum, the Audubon Aquarium, and Harrah’s Casino. Poydras Street will quickly get you to Interstate 10 and the Pontchartrain Expressway is just to the south of the neighborhood. If you have never been exposed to snow or never want to see it again, New Orleans is a great spot to consider when choosing to start over.


Entrepreneurs will find a friendly community in Tallahassee, Florida. This city offers terrific weather, lots of chances to improve your education and many cultural pleasures.

The cost of living is lower in Tallahassee than in much of the state. You will enjoy close access to the beautiful beaches of the Gulf Coast, many terrific parks throughout the different neighborhoods, and access to Florida State. Finally, this city offers several museums, including the Museum of Florida History and historic Mission San Luis.

Kansas City

Kansas City offers the benefit of giving you access to two metropolitan areas that are both thriving. Both Kansas City, Kansas, and Kansas City, Missouri offer folks interested in a restart a lot of options. You can enjoy a thriving cultural life, including

  • Kansas City Lyric Opera
  • Nelson Atkins Art Museum
  • Kemper Museum of Modern Art
  • Arabia Steamship Museum

Kansas City has sports teams to follow, lovely weather nearly all year round, and great walkability. Head east just an hour and you can be in wine country; a few more hours and you can take the elevator up St. Louis Arch! Digital nomads will love the tech community to be found in Kansas City as well.

Eden Prairie

Eden Prairie, MN, is a thriving suburb southeast of Minneapolis. Since it’s Minnesota, you will need to have a strong tolerance for cold and love of snow. However, come spring and fall, you will adore the conditions. If summer gets a little warm, you can head to the beach! In fact, once you are settled in, you can enjoy

  • Anderson Lakes
  • Staring Lake
  • Lake Idlewild
  • Neill Lake

before moving on to the many parks in the area. Eden Prairie is constructing a light rail system for easy transport around the region and offers a great quality of life at a lower cost than an apartment in the big city. Additionally, Eden Prairie is extremely tech-friendly and has a lot to give entrepreneurs with a vision.

South Orange County

If you are a fan of the great outdoors, then California may be the place for you! Be aware that there are many regions of California that can be prohibitively expensive; however, Orange County and South Orange County offer more affordability than larger cities to the north.

Once you are settled in Orange County, you can enjoy

  • gorgeous beaches, from Laguna to Huntington Beach
  • terrific hiking and other outdoor activities
  • a wide variety of dining options
  • great shopping

Because this region is so diverse, you can truly enjoy foods from anywhere, either at a nearby restaurant or from the grocery store down the street. All of Orange County is well worth a road trip. Take the Pacific Coast Highway and check out the beaches. Bring sunblock and don’t forget your hat, but do enjoy the many days of sun in this lovely area of California.

Many of us have been striving for purpose or feeling a bit lost as the nation comes out of the initial round of the pandemic. If you are ready for a restart, any one of these cities can be a great spot to make the leap into a whole new life.

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