A Complete Guide To The Various Fields Of Dentistry

The oral problems of humans are not the same. People in their lifetime experience many ailments affecting various features. In that sense, the treatments available to them must be diverse to apply to such conditions. For most individuals, dentistry involves getting cleaned or braces from a professional, but there are many auxiliary specialties in this field that patients can utilize to obtain remedies. So, for people unaware of such distinction, the following are some of the various specialties of dentistry.

General Category 

Most people are familiar with this domain. General dentistry involves various preventive care provided to counter ailments. This domain offers services to all members of a family ranging from infants to senior patients. A general practitioner provides fluoride cleanings, X-rays, oral cancer screenings, and guidance for at-home care. Some professionals also provide restoration solutions such as fillings for a broken tooth & teeth whitening in Fort Lauderdale. They will offer referrals for advanced conditions for patients in need of specialty treatments.


Teeth misalignment is a frequent concern among many individuals. It serves as an impediment to eating and articulation. Orthodontists are involved in correcting this misalignment for functional & cosmetic improvements. A rectification process utilizes various devices such as braces, clear aligners, mouthguards, retainers, and headgears. All these devices work to improve the structural defects by inducing pressure on affected areas. Along with these, the orthodontists are concerned with the improvement of jawbones and other facial structures.

Maxillofacial Surgeon 

Certified specialists in oral or maxillofacial surgeries perform operations on hard and soft tissues found around the mouth. They receive additional training after medical schooling to perform complex & invasive surgeries. These works serve as the groundwork for many reconstructive works as some procedures need jaw corrections or scaling. Operations like lips & palate surgeries, reconstructive processes, facial tissue modifications, and sleep apnea are some of the processes conducted by a maxillofacial surgeon. These surgical procedures are also done for cosmetic improvements or corrective appliances.

Prosthodontist Domain 

Oral prostheses are artificial teeth appliances utilize to replace a damaged, broken, or infected tooth. These replacements offer performance & aesthetic enhancements like improved speech, bite & smile. Dental Implants in Fort Lauderdale, crowns, bridges, and veneers are some of the solutions used by an orthodontist to help patients with structural defects. These replacements are fabricated in a laboratory to offer ideal fit and accurate emulation of natural dentin profile in addition to functions. 


The inside of a tooth consists of a living tissue known as the pulp, and it is protected by a hard layer of enamel in addition to an inner layer. This pulp gets affected by damages, infections or physical traumas. Such cases could impair the entire solidity of a tooth causing it to detach from its root. Endodontists are concerned with treating & removing decayed to preserve its natural characteristics. One common procedure performed by them is a root canal, which involves removing the infected root using a hand applicator in invasive surgery. 

Fundamental Need 

Dental specialties are segregated into these fields to treat a range of ailments experienced by patients in their features. Such specifications enable the facilitation of remedies, ideal to treat conditions and prevent any potential damages. Along with these, dental treatments are also divided into oral pathology, radiology, and pediatric dentistry. 

Final Abstract 

It is essential to consult with a relevant professional to obtain ideal dental care for oral problems. Patients need this knowledge of specialization and contact dentists concentrating on the specific field for the effective recovery from ailments and regaining salubrity in the mouth and facial features.

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