Get the best price of your used mobile with used mobile valuation tool

There are times when you might sell your mobile phone and purchase a new one. One of the important factors while deciding which mobile phone to buy is its resale value, which you should get after you sell it off. Problems arise when you interact with buyers while selling the old mobile. Negotiation is natural but if you know the accurate market price of your used mobile, you can seal a profitable deal. Here lies the importance of the used mobile valuation tool. India is the second-largest smartphone market after China. The number of smartphones user will be more than 442 million by the end of 2022. It?s obvious that a major part of these smartphone users will be used by smartphone users. Till 2019, the YoY growth of the used smartphones (tagged below Rs.10000) market was 9%. The top-end mobile phones can give you a better price if they are resold. But, getting a better deal is very difficult and this is where a valuation tool can prove to be helpful.

How to check used mobile prices online?

If you are interested to know the present cost of the used mobile phone you are using, you do not have to go to a mobile shop. You may check its price using a few clicks on your laptop. It is the most convenient and best method to estimate the mobile cost when you want to sell it. The mobile cost calculator is an updated tool to know the price of the mobile phone just by sitting from the comfort of your home. With this valuation tool, you have to choose your mobile phone brand. This will show you the mobile brand names and you have to select the mobile brand. You need to select the number of years you have been using a mobile phone and also state the condition of your mobile.

The following factors decide the price of mobile phones:


The age of mobile devices is a vital factor because no person wants to buy an outdated mobile device.


Mobile damage can be minor or major. If the damage is major then you cannot expect much price.

Physical factors

The physical factors include a non-functional card slot or faulty volume buttons. Mobile phones that do not have a good battery life are sold for lesser prices compared to expected prices. Other factors also affect the cost of the mobile device.

Operating system

This is another vital aspect of your mobile phone. Android or iOS periodically upgrades its operating system. Older operating systems lesser the value of the mobile device.

You can allow the mobile price calculator to do this. This will ensure that the resale value of mobile is done transparently. You need to fill in the specifications about the condition of your mobile phone and you shall receive an instant quote. You can change these parameters and can see that they impact the price of your mobile device.

Why a used mobile valuation is important?

When you sell or buy a used mobile phone, fair pricing is crucial because there is always a lack of trust in the valuation of mobile devices. Both parties, the sellers and buyers are not aware of the fair market price of these phones. This is where a used mobile valuation tool can prove to be useful. It provides a fair, unbiased, and independent market value about the mobile devices thus offering transparency. Many factors affect the pricing of used mobile phones and these factors can aid to find out the right price.

So, if you want to sell your mobile device, you can opt for a used valuation tool and know the right price. You have to insert the age, model, and make of the mobile and get the right price.

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