Comparison Between USB C & Micro USB Cables

Charging cables play an indispensable role in making your digital world lighten up and providing you with the entertainment you deserve. The power delivery is made easier with the help of quality charging cables including USB C Cable, micro USB cable, and lightning cable.

The current travels all the way from the charger adaptor to the charging port, tooled in the body of the smartphone. Charging cables channelize the current and monitor the transmission. The excessive current is normalized with the help of a premium chipset.

Mobile phones do not get headed or exploded because of the latest premium chipset technology. These quality cables are deterrent to overheating and melting. Manufacturers and designers of today�s world are striving to throw a range of the best charging cables in the market.

Sometimes, people get confused while differencing between micro and USB C charging cables. Both the cables have a very vast use in the current electronic world. Several electronic devices such as mobile phones, storage devices, and computers use these cables for different purposes that can be charging, data transferring, and data synchronization.

Here we are going to make a comparison between Micro USB and USB C cable.

All about Micro USB Cable

The micro USB connector is a relatively old one. This came into existence in 2007. Micro USB is one of the most used charging cables. A wide range of devices like mobile phones, headphones, wireless hands-free, Bluetooth earbuds, mp3, rechargeable torchlight, and radio is compatible with Micro USB Cable.

Micro USB is a compact and miniatured metallic connector. The name micro USB popped up due to this small and tiny connector. This size of connector requires a very narrow and smaller charging port. In this way, slimmer and thinner smartphones are possible to manufacture.

The micro USB is better and well-equipped as compared to its former version that is a mini USB. This mini USB connector was a deterrent to the manufacture of slimmer and thinner mobile phone devices.

The reason behind it was the bigger and wider size of the mini USB connector. The mini USB connector was as thicker as the double micro USB connector. The mini USB connector also connects to a wide range of devices such as digital cameras, mp3 players, and mobile phones including Motorola, Blackberry, and HTC devices.

The micro USB connector after the mini USB set the standard in making the smartphones slimmer and thinner. These mobile phone devices look elegant and stylish and level up one�s electronic collection.

USB C Cable; New in Tech Town

USB C is also known as USB type C. The connector is reversible that makes it stand out. It has thrown away the trouble of multiple plugins. The USB C is the latest interface that was presented in 2014.

Nowadays, the cable is setting standards in reliability and compatibility.  This exquisite USB C Cable is expected to replace the vast multitude of charging and data transferring cable including

  • Printer cables
  • Laptop charging cables
  • Digital camera cables
  • HDMI cables
  • Smartphone charging cables
  • Gaming console cables
  • Scanner and fax cables

The USB C or USB Type C cable is perfect for charging. The latest premium chipset technology is utilized in the manufacturing of this incredibly fast charging cable. it transmits the maximum number of amperes from a compatible high-quality charger adaptor to the mobile phone�s battery.

Moreover, the cable is equally efficient and effective for data transfer. The data is transferred at a relatively higher pace than the standard USB cables. The data transfer speed can exceed 480 Mbps.

The cable may come in two textures;

  • Braided
  • PVC

Both the materials have their own strengths and weaknesses. Braided texture has an overlapping layer of crisscrossed threads that make the cable extra strong and sturdy.

On the other hand, PVC material is also a very durable and reliable material. It makes the cable tough and long-lasting for lifelong use of cable. The PVC texture imparts smoothness and elegance to the USB C Cable.

Aesthetic beauty is further enhanced with the attractive colour scheme. The user can choose between six eye-catching colours to level up its collection of mobile accessories.

Knit your smartphones with either of the high-quality cables after determining the right connector for your device and enjoy.

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