Upgrade Your Balcony With These Easy Methods

If you live in a tiny apartment but have a balcony, you should consider yourself lucky. Having a balcony is the modern-day equivalent to having a garden in front of your house. Since most of us live in busy and crowded cities, it is practically impossible for us have a garden all by ourselves (unless your housing complex already has a communal garden). Plus, it works as they perfect space for relaxation and an escape from your daily mundane life. However, there can still be some really cool and easy ways you can amp up your balcony. Like:

revamp balcony

Simple Furniture

We do not mean you add a dining table but a small coffee table and maybe two small arm chairs is perfect for the morning/evening cuppa chai. You can host your friends when they come over or just enjoy some alone time. If you happen to have a spectacular view, you must not lose this opportunity and must make the most out of it.

Go Green

Again, we do not all have the privilege of walking in our private garden. But we can bring some greenery home to our apartments. Add some house plants and some flowers and see how it instantly lifts up the spirits of the house. You can even enjoy the greenery when practising yoga.

Carpet it Up

If all you do is sit on a chair the whole day, it might be relaxing to sit on the floor for once. Plus, by placing a rug instead of using furniture is great to make it look spacious especially if you do not have enough space. Bring in some colourful rugs and enjoy your own private time as the sun sets.

Hang a Light

One sure shot way you can instantly amp up your mood and your professional house cleaning is by adding some fairy lights in the balcony. Trust us, you do not need to wait for Diwali or Christmas to hang those lights. Or if you feel a tad bit fancy, maybe add some small chandeliers that look chic and classy. Either way, enjoy decorating with your kinds of lights.

Add a Hammock

If you have always wanted a hammock but never had the chance, do it now! We don’t what it is about hammocks but it instantly gives us vacation vibes. Read a book while relaxing on it, or just take a nap. It’s the cheapest and easiest way to enjoy your space.

Shade-y Plans

If you happen to have an open balcony without any shed or roof, consider opting for a temporary cover. Not only does it give your balcony a cosy vacation feel, it also helps you avoid the heat and sun when you want to sit outside. You can try getting some waterproof tarp for when it rains.

These are some of the tips that all the top interior designers in Bangalore swear by. If you want further information or advice on how to revamp your balcony a bit more, you can contact Cee Bee Design Studio for a more guided and detailed instruction. One of the best interior designers in Bangalore, they will give your home a much-needed twist and you will end up enjoying it even more.

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